From: (Mark Kantrowitz)
Newsgroups: comp.lang.prolog,comp.lang.scheme,comp.object.logic,
Subject: Archives for this Newsgroup
Date: 10 Oct 1994 22:25:12 GMT
Organization: School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon
Lines: 42
Distribution: inet
Message-ID: <37cf08$>
Xref: comp.lang.prolog:2195 comp.lang.scheme:2321 
comp.object.logic:144 comp.robotics:5966 comp.speech:1897 
comp.sys.ti.explorer:53 sci.lang:6336

Archives of the AI-related newsgroups listed below can now be found in
appropriate subdirectories of
Each of these newsgroups is being automatically archived on a weekly
basis.  For example, the gzipped tar file 94_10_08.tgz in the
comp.lang.lisp/ subdirectory contains all articles that appeared in the
comp.lang.lisp newsgroup during the previous week. Links to these
archives also exist in many of the topical directories of the CMU AI
Repository (e.g., /user/ai/lang/lisp/news/ contains links to
Lisp-related newsgroups).

The archives for most of the newsgroups start with articles appearing
on 23-JUL-94, which is when the newsgroup archiving software was first
tested. Some newsgroups, however, have archives that go back further
(sometimes with gaps) due to archives originally maintained elsewhere.
For example, the comp.lang.lisp archive includes articles from January
1990 through February 1992 in addition to the more recent archives.

The newsgroups being archived include:                        comp.lang.lisp                  comp.lang.lisp.franz                    comp.lang.lisp.mcl                  comp.lang.lisp.x                comp.lang.prolog          comp.lang.scheme            comp.lang.smalltalk               comp.object.logic           comp.robotics             comp.speech                 comp.std.lisp                 comp.sys.ti.explorer 
   comp.lang.clos                 sci.lang 

If there is sufficient demand, we will archive other newsgroups as
well. Comments and suggestions should be sent to

Mark Kantrowi

From: cla...@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (Cameron Laird)
Newsgroups: comp.lang.prolog,comp.lang.scheme,comp.object.logic,
Subject: Re: Archives for this Newsgroup
Date: 11 Oct 1994 08:52:25 -0500
Organization: NeoSoft Internet Services   +1 713 684 5969
Lines: 30
Distribution: inet
Message-ID: <37e5ap$hnq@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM>
References: <37cf08$>
Xref: comp.lang.prolog:2199 comp.lang.scheme:2329 
comp.object.logic:145 comp.robotics:5980 comp.speech:1909 
comp.sys.ti.explorer:54 sci.lang:6349 
news.groups.questions:3356 news.misc:3408

In article <37cf08$>,
Mark Kantrowitz <> wrote:
>Archives of the AI-related newsgroups listed below can now be found in
>appropriate subdirectories of
>   comp.lang.clos                 sci.lang 
>   comp.lang.dylan 
>If there is sufficient demand, we will archive other newsgroups as
>well. Comments and suggestions should be sent to
>Mark Kantrowitz

Great work, Mark!

For those who like to navigate through a WWW interface,

indexes not only the CMU AI archives of newsgroups, but over a hundred
other publicly-accessible sites.

Cameron Laird (	+1 713 267 7966 (  	+1 713 996 8546

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