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I just uploaded a file that begins this way:

  "Is there an archive somewhere for the newsgroup X?"  This file,
  itself archived as
  is a first stab at collecting the answers to that question.  This
  file contains:
  A.  Acknowledgements
  B.  The CD-ROM answer
  C.  Public sites with long expirations
  D.  A list of archives.

Right now, the list is fragmentary, inaccurate, and a bit incoherent.
However, it's apparently the best we have.  I very, VERY much want to
improve it; do send me corrections, additions, ...  Also, I'm looking
for suggestions on where else to post this notice.

I'm not sure where follow-ups should go.  Adjust as you think best.

Cameron Laird (	+1 713 267 7966 (  	+1 713 996 8546

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