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Subject: rn 4.4 is now released
Summary: rn 4.4 is now available for retrieval
Message-ID: <>
Date: 10 Sep 91 00:18:41 GMT
Organization: Baylor College of Medicine, Houston,Tx
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rn version 4.4 is now released.

This version of rn replaces the previous version (rn 4.3, patchlevel 54).
There will be no patch kit to convert from the previous version to this
one. You must get the entire new kit and start from that base.

rn is available via anonymous ftp from and
Look in /public/rn. There are 10 kits.

rn is available via archive-server from Send mail containing:
send rn kit1
send rn kit2
send rn kit3
send rn kit4
send rn kit5
send rn kit6 
send rn kit7
send rn kit8
send rn kit9
send rn kit10

to "" and you should get the kits back in the mail.

Bug reports to ""


Stan           internet:         Director, Networking 
Olan           uucp: rutgers!bcm!sob             and Systems Support
Barber         Opinions expressed are only mine. Baylor College of Medicine

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From: (Stan Barber)
Subject: What's new in rn 4.4
Message-ID: <>
Date: 10 Sep 91 16:53:11 GMT
Organization: Texas Medical Center, Houston
Lines: 93

		    NEW FEATURES OF RN 4.4 vs RN 4.3

New or modified commands
	e		extract a shar or uuencoded file. (article level)
	g number	g command will go to a newsgroup by number where the
			the number corresponds to that used in the list 
			supplied by the 'L' command. (newsgroup level)
	z		supersede an article (article level)

New magic (use +H to turn them off)
	-Hfrom		displays only the commented portion of the user name.

New environment variables
	AUTOSUBSCRIBE	newsgroup pattern for groups to automatically
			subscribe to when found. Groups not matching
			are presented to the user via the usual
			subscription prompts.
	AUTOUNSUBSCRIBE newsgroup pattern for groups to not subscribe to.
			Groups matching this pattern are not subsribed to.
	EXSAVER		shell command that starts an extraction.
	UNSHAR		the unshar program to use (default /bin/sh).
	REPLYTO		the value to use for the "Reply-To:" header, if
	NEWSORG		Same as ORGANIZATION. Used for those sites that
			need ORGANIZATION for other purposes (Apollos).
	SUPERSEDEHEADER The header format to use for a 'z' command.
New % interpolations
	%#		keeps an incremental count during a multi-file save,
			extract, etc.  ":s part.%#"
	%e		the last command executed to extract an article.

Configure improvements
	Now uses nm to read contents of libc. ar is used if nm fails.
	Configure also provides the option of editing before
	config.h and all the shell scripts are created.
	Configure stores the origanization name in double quotes in This avoids a problem with organization names that
	have single quotes in them (i.e. many French and Canadian 
	Configure now knows about RISC/os, Stardents and uts environments.

General improvements
	Makes use of POSIX capabilities if present.
	ANSI C Compatible
	Hostname may be read in from a file instead of using system calls.
	ClariNet news headers are now recognized by rn. All header operations
	can be done on those headers.
	rn will dynamically allocate its structures to cope with any number
	of newsgroups in .newsrc or the active file.
	MMDF is now officially supported as a mail transfer agent.
	When GETPWENT it defined and an invalid userid is used, an 
	error message is returned. Previously, rn would core dump.

	The newsgroups script now knows how to deal with "bogus" newsgroups.
	[These are groups in the active files marked with status 'x'.]
	If there is no news on rn startup and the user enters a "g" at
	the newsgroup level, the program will now correctly note that
	no newsgroup name has been entered and reprompt.

	Hostnames are now checked without respect to upper/lower case.
	This fixes a problem with the cancel command (academ.COM !=
	before the fix).

	The NEWSADMIN code was buggy and often didn't work correctly.
	This has been fixed.

	%P is used to find a place for rrn to create active and article
	files. Previously, /tmp was hardcoded in most places.

	newsgroups would not remove the active file copy it made when 
	used via NNTP. Now it does remove this copy when it exits.

	Corrected some null pointer problems in the search code. Specifically,
	entering entering / or ? when there was no previous search pattern
	would cause a core dump. Now, it tells the user there there is
	no previous pattern.

	rrn now exits and leaves the terminal in a usable state when a
	server timeout occurs.

	rrn now supports the longest lines allowed by the NNTP RFC.
	rn will try to preseve permissions on .newsrc when it recreates
	it. Previously, it didn't do this.

	rn deals with NFS timeouts better. If the active file (on an NFS
	mounted partition) goes away, rn shuts down gracefully now.

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