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Subject: The Great Renaming??
Keywords: History
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Date: 24 Jun 90 23:57:01 GMT
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Posted: Mon Jun 25 00:57:01 1990

I am attempting to write a history of USENET.  One of the details I
would like to incorporate is what I have seen referred to as "The
Great Renaming" which I remember happening but don't recall many
of the details.  I would appreciate hearing from people who were
involved in the discussion.  I am already talking to many of the
people who were directly involved in the process so this request is
for information from people who did not have any technical
responsibilities but who participated in the discussions of the

In addition, is there anyone out there who has anything archived
from that period, perhaps groups like news.admin or news.misc?
I could use some direct, quotable sources for this work.

Bruce Jones


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