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Subject: Net stats?
Keywords: Volume over time and monthly costs??
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Date: 25 Jun 90 00:15:28 GMT
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Posted: Mon Jun 25 01:15:28 1990

I am writing an ethnography of USENET and I would like to incorporate
some figures on the net.   Specifically I am interested in two

The first is the change in the volume of traffic on the net over time.
I know that I can get the current figures from the articles in
news.announce.newusers or news.lists.  What I would like are figures
from across the 1980s or figures from a few representative years
between 1979 and the present.

The other thing I am interested in is the monthly cost for the
net's operation, at present and across time.  I remember a few
years ago people talking about the telephone bills for the net and
how it was costing AT&T and DEC hundreds of thousands of dollars
to keep it alive.  My sense is that either this was wrong (or I
remember it wrong) or things have changed.  In any case, is there
any way of accurately talking about the cost of the net?

NOTE: I am **NOT** a newspaper or magazine writer.  I'm a graduate 
student and the paper is part of my research.

Accurate stats or interesting guestimates can be sent to:



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