From: (Steve Madere)
Newsgroups: news.admin.policy,news.admin.misc
Subject: News articles backup failure
Date: 11 Feb 1995 05:48:10 -0600
Organization: Real/Time Communications - Bob Gustwick and Associates
Lines: 35
Message-ID: <3hi85q$>
Xref: news.admin.policy:24674 news.admin.misc:31391

I need some help.  I can pay for it.

First I apologize for posting slightly out of context.
There does not exist a newsgroup for this kind of thing and
the folks who read the two newsgroups where I cross-posted are
the most likely to be able to help me out.

I need NetNews articles posted between Jan. 10 and Feb. 6, 1995.
No alt.*, soc.*, or talk.* or *.binaries groups.  Just the rest of them.

I was preparing to archive them onto a tape when a disk failure caused
me to lose all of the data.  Yes, I realize it's alot of data.  It should
be about 1.6 Gig compressed.  I have already checked with the local 
net service providers and they all throw it away after a week or less.
I would not go begging to the UseNet administrator community lightly.....

Please, anybody who has any of that data on tape or disk, reply to me
so we can arrange something.  I can pay you cash for your trouble or 
trade services if you wish.  I can definitely make it worth your while.
I would most like to get the data on an 8mm tape.  Even if you don't
have all of it on line, you might be able to get me a copy of some
backup tapes (if you bother to backup your news spool)

Please, if you have any of the data, just respond so we can talk about it. 
I'm sure we can work something out.


Steve Madere
  512 329-2419

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