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Subject: Major new netnews release
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Date: 21 Feb 88 20:21:40 GMT
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A major new release of the netnews software is about to be unloosed upon
the -- yes, after two years of development the software construct
known as TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA NETNEWS has escaped from the secret laboratories
of Thyrsus Enterprises and will soon assume a very public identity as News 3.0.

The new release is more than just a set of patches -- it's a complete
from-the-ground-up rewrite of the entire suite with loads of new and powerful
features (but, of course, protocol-compatible with all B and C news versions).
It is much easier to install, configure and administer than any previous
version. And it offers beleaguered news.readers better ways of tracking
discussions, winnowing chaff, and coping with a huge and increasing news

The code is carefully modularized in accordance with abstract-data-type
design principles, lavishly commented for comprehensibility, and accompanied
by a full set of documents detailing installation, usage and the architecture

More details will be coming soon to a near you!

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