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Observation:  people *constantly* ask each other where to
find archives of various newsgroups, occasionally answer
the question usefully, and, somewhat more frequently, say,
"Well, there's a company putting it all on CD-ROM, and you
can just buy it from them."  There are some stupidities in
this situation; perhaps I'm the one generating them, but
I've decided it's time to settle things.

Proposal:  it's time to create a NewsArchives list of
places to find archived NetNews posts.  Presumably, it
would look something like this:

	alt.books.reviews:  csn.org:/pub/...
	sci.anthropology.paleo:  ...au:...
	comp.ai:  I-can't-remember-now
	rec.gardens:  wherever-Larry-London-keeps-it

	Also, you can buy CD-ROMs from ...

except longer, and more accurate.

Alternatives:  I don't think there are any.  I haven't
found any existing FAQ that collects this information; the
first two archie servers I tried knew even less than I
about ftp archiving sites (how can this be?  I'd like to
investigate this in more detail with an archie person.
Please write, and we'll settle the technical points); www
and various gophers got me no place useful; and the first
couple of *Everything ... Internet ...* books I picked up
(how many of these *are* there, now?) said nothing on the

Next step:  I hope a few people will write and tell me
whether I'm right or wrong about this information not
being available through the usual navigators.  If I get
any interest in the idea, I'll go ahead and compile the
list, then make sure I put it someplace we all can find

Is there a better place to thrash this out than

Cameron Laird
cla...@Neosoft.com (claird%Ne...@uunet.uu.net)	+1 713 267 7966
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