Path: utzoo!attcan!utgpu!!rutgers!cbmvax!snark!eric
From: (Eric S. Raymond)
Subject: TMNN 7.7 finally lifts off
Message-ID: <>
Date: 15 May 89 14:25:06 GMT
Lines: 219

The TMN-Netnews beta 7.7 kits have been released. We are now redundantly
intercontinental, with two (!) sites in Australia and one in England.

No, you didn't miss 7.[56]. There was a 7.5, but only Ted T'so and the
redoubtable Ambar saw it. Thanks to them for hackery above and beyond the call
of duty (or even sanity); we pinned down and killed some insidious malloc()
related bugs. There should be no more corrupted entries in history files.
7.6 actually made it to uunet, but I didn't announce it because I wanted to
live-test it for a day or two first. One beta site jumped the gun -- so this
is 7.7.

The new tools are *much* faster. The rnews and expire code has been gprofiled
for hot spots (thanks, Ted) and carefully tuned. I think we can compete with C
news in the speed sweeps again :-). In particular, ngfind() now uses a simple
hash-list scheme for name lookup, resulting in a 350% speedup.

WARNING: This release CHANGES the format of news IDs from using a radix-62
to radix-52 packed representation for timestamps and hash values. These will
no longer contain vowels, foreclosing the possibility that Certain Words might
appear in article-IDs and offend delicate-minded people with lawyers on call...

FURTHER WARNING: The TMNN 'F' feeds file option is now 'B' for batch (this
tells sendbatch to use a transmission command given in the fifth field). There
is a new 'F' which acts like the old 2.11 'F', using the fifth field as a
filename to append to; but it appends article IDs rather than file names and
does *not* enable sendbatch (this is an official concession to the NNTP crowd).

A MANIFEST file is now included; the Configure file automatically checks it
agains the unpacked kit contents and will tell you if anything is missing.
Note that there are now 45 kits rather than 23, they average half their former
size; so now you should be able to uncompress them and mail them over SMTP or
other links without problems.

In addition to bugfixes, there are useful new features:

Configure has been drastically simplified, especially in areas touching on
the site ID and mailer configuration. 

Also, a complete facility for supporting runtime override of configuration
defaults has been added; this is compiled in if RUNTIME is defined. This
general feature subsumes the old SHARED and HOME kluges, which are now gone.

Configuration now works properly with a yp database.

Patches are included for the nntp1.5 server and xmit programs to make them
work with TMNN. If you want to enable the new RUNTIME feature, they will
need one additional tweak -- a newsinit() call. Interested NNTP hackers are
urged to test and tune these; sadly, I can't.

Finally, a `daemon' mode of rnews is now supported that avoids the high
startup overhead of firing off many rnews instances while supporting use
with NNTP and other message-oriented transport layers (as opposed to UUCP
batching, for which startup cost is not the big issue).

This release (which is being issued as complete kits) includes the following

To documentation:
* Minor typos and glitches in doc/
* In expire.8, corrected documentation for -s option.
* Added man page for grpw(1) tool.
* Changes doc/news.5 to show that : is now a valid separator in the flags file.
* Changed misc/READ.ME to list nntp1.5 patches.
* Significant rewrite of Hacker's Guide and Installation sections re Configure.

To Configure:
* Addition of MANIFEST checking.
* Addition of features to support RUNTIME configuration.
* Major simplification, nuking HOME, SHARED, DOMAIN, GENERICPATH, GENERICFROM,
* Adds of FROMNAME/PATHNAME/TRUENAME and SMARTHOST questions for mail config.
* Changes to use grpw for account information extraction.
* Changes to handle Sun4/SVr4 revised system directory structure.
* Fixes for bugs in mail delivery program detection.
* Detects presence of more mail front ends (mush, elm).
* Move of XREFS question to where it belongs in user-interface section.
* Added -LARGE to default flags for 286 XENIX.

To other auxilliary scripts:
* Minor fixes to ConfigureMap.
* Fix for broken 'test' question in ConfigureSys.
* Move `hostname' try to before `uuname -l' in ConfigureSys (it works better).
* Generalized Sun check in ConfigureSys.

Code changes:
* Runtime configuration is now fully supported.
* Global fix of uninitialized static intern ints (avoid XENIX-cc lossage).
* Fixes for incomplete signal-handling in expire.c.
* expire -h and -u options are gone, -r is now more robust in the presence
  of trashed active files.
* Added RFC-977 definitions to
* Change format of article-IDS.
* Defaults for feeds-file flex fields corrected from "all" to empty.
* Enchancements rdhistory.c to accept C news ~-separated date format.
* Changes to sysmail.c to generate From lines with the proper gateway name.
* Addition of : to allowed field separators for flags file.
* Removal of unused paglen extern from
* Wrapping for a test that needed it in #ifdef DEBUG/#endif inside checkinit.c.
* Numerous small fixes and additions to makefiles.
* Fix for termination error in dispatch.c's batch xmit handling.
* Addition of expire.c check for 0-len articles.
* Fixes for insert.c initialization-time check for DBHISTORY case.
* Fixes for a nasty core-dump bug in the DOXREFS code.
* A nonl() for use on BSD systems using CURSES has been added.
* The nntp interface library now uses the NNTP 1.5 patchlevel 4 extensions.
* Fix to a signedness bug in articleid that could produce invalid IDs.
* Inews now saves asrticle text correctly on interrupts.

Here is the current distribution list:

amdahl!gam	G. A. Moffett	(408)-746-8287	X*	Amd5890	SVr3.1
anise!pst	Paul S. Traina	(XXX)-XXX-XXXX	I	68020	A/UX 1.1
apollo!brian	Brian R. Holt	(508)-256-5694	I*	68030	Apollo Domain
asi!metro	Metro T. Sauper	(215)-592-8900	U*	3B2	SVr3
ateng!chip	Chip Salzenberg	(813)-885-4420	X*	80386	XENIX 2.3.1
athena!tytso	Ted T'so	(617)-253-7788	I	mVaxII	4.3BSD
att!tgt 	Tim Thompson	(614)-860-7026	I*	3B1	3.56
b-tech!zeeff	Jon Zeeff	(313)-995-1271	I	80386	SV/386
barris!tim	Tim Tegtmeier	(701)-282-5750	I	68020	SVr2
belltech!norris	David Norris	(415)-659-9097	-	80386	SVr3.2
bigtex!james	~ Van Artsdalen	(512)-338-8789	X*	80386	ix/386
bpa!espo	Bob Esposito	(215)-466-6831	I*	VAX 785	SVr2v2
cbmvax!grr	George Robbins	(215)-431-9836	X*	VAX 750	Ultrix 1.2
cheers!exodus	Gregory Onufer	(209)-957-3963	-*	68000	SunOS 4.0
cocktrice!mdm	Mike Mitchell	(505)-471-7639	U*	80286	SVr2
cooper!mayer	Mayer Ilovitz	(212)-353-4350	-	I310	XENIX3.0
crdos1!davidsen	Bill ~  	(518)-387-6489	I*	80386	SCO XENIX V
creation!wpl	Bill Loftus	(215)-648-7248	I*	68000	AmigaDos
daver!dlr	Dave Rand	(408)-721-7099	U*	32000	V.[23]
devon!paul	~ Sutcliffe Jr	(717)-295-5478	U*	TRS16	XENIX 3.2
drivax!davison	Wayne Davison	(408)-646-6293	X	VAX780	4.2BSD
dukcds!ggw	Greg Woodbury	(919)-684-6126	I*	32332	SVr3.0
ficc!peter	Peter da Silva	(713)-274-5180	U*	[23]86	XENIX 3.5
flatline!erict	J. E. Townsend	(713)-863-9137	I	3B1	3.0
hc!siegel	Josh Siegel	(505)-667-8495	-	VAX 785	4.3BSD
hoptoad!gnu	John Gilmore	(415)-221-6524	X*	Sun 4	SunOS 4.4
hpausla!brian	Brian Coogan	011 613 8791999	I	HP9000	HP-UX
inco!mack	David W. Mack	(703)-883-3911	X	Sun 386i	SunOS4
killer!wisner	Bill Wisner	(208)-286-7335	I*	3B2/500	SVr3.1.1
ksuvax1!tar	Timothy Ramsey	(913)-539-4977	I	3B15	SVr2.1.2
libove!libove	Jay Libove	(412)-362-8983	I	80286	SCO XENIX
lilink!mikej	M. R. Johnston	(XXX)-XXX-XXXX	U	80386	XENIX
marob!clifford	Robert ~	(212)-924-2812	U*	80386	XENIX 2.3.1
mcdurb!darrell	~ McIntosh	(217)-384-8509	X	68020	UTX 2.0
mcf!shan	Sharan Kalwani	(313)-833-0710	I	VAX750	4.3BSD
mips!koblas	David Koblas	(408)-991-0287	-	MIPS	4.3BSD
mjbtn!root	Mark J. Bailey	(615)-895-6311	U*	80386	XENIX 2.3.1
mstar!karl	Karl Fox	(614)-451-1883	U*	680x0	RTU 4.0
mts-cs!icsu6000	Jaye Mathison	(406)-994-4780	I	mVAX II	Ultrix 2.3
nanovx!dennis	~ J. Boylan	(404)-923-8017	I	80386	XENIX 2.3.1
ncc!lyndon	~ Nerenberg	(403)-421-8181	X	Sun 3	SunOS 3.[45]
nucleus!jeff	Jeff Marraccini	(313)-370-HELP	I*	VAX 780	VMS4.6+EUNICE
nucsrl!gore	Jacob Gore	(312)-491-8141	I	VAX 785	Mt. Xinu 4.3BSD
obdient!blair	Doug Blair	(312)-653-5527	-	80386	Microport SVr3
oracle!jdiaz	Jean Diaz	(415)-598-5798	X*	Sun4	SunOS 4.0.1
polyof!john	~ Buck  	(516)-755-4206	I	Gould	UTX 1.2
pyrdc!mike	~ Whitman	(703)-848-2050	X*	Pyr90x	OSx4.4
qst1!bill	Bill Cox	(714)-631-4452	U*	80386	XENIX V
rambo!tsm	Steve Mikes	(201)-271-0261	U*	3B1	3.56d
rinc!root	Pete Radatti	(215)-828-4566	U*	68000	CTIX
rutgers!pleasant	Mel ~	(201)-932-2023	I	Sun 4	SunOS 4.0
sally!plocher	John Plocher	(415)-336-4677	I	Sun 4	SunOS 4.0
sco!keithr	Keith Reynolds	(800)-626-4381	X*	80386	XENIX 3.2.2 
slxsys!jpp	John Pettit	+44 1 941 2564	U	80386	XENIX 2.3.1
soup!liz	Liz Sommers	(201)-214-0832	I	68020	SunOS 3.52
splut!jay	Jay Maynard	(713)-332-3376	U	80286	Microport 2.3.0
telebit!psk	Paul S. Kramer	(415)-940-4870	X	80386	XENIX 2.2
telesci!gaa	Gary Algier	(609)-866-1000	U*	Sun 3	SunOS 4.0
tessera!jtc	J. T. Conklin	(604)-435-9450	U*	80286	SCO XENIX
twitch!tjt	Tim Thompson	(201)-949-4339	U*	VAX 785	SVr2
u1100a!krohn	Eric Krohn	(201)-699-4501	I	U1100	SVr2
uiucuxc!paul	Paul Pomes	(217)-333-6262	I*	Pyr90x	4.3BSD
unisec!dpw	Darryl Waggoner	(617)-226-1344	-	3B1	3.51
utoday!greenber	Ross Greenberg	(212)-889-6431	X	80386	XENIX 2.3.2
vader!bcs212	Vince Skahan	(215)-591-4116	U*	Apollo	Ersatz 4.2BSD
versatc!tran	Tony Tran	(408)-982-4317	-*	Sun 3	SunOS 3.4
vijit!madsen	Dave Madsen	(312)-425-2529	U*	WangAPC	XENIX V
vu-vlsi!perry	Rick Perry	(215)-645-4224	U*	Pyr90x	OSx3.1
wb3ffv!howardl	Howard Leadmon	(301)-335-2206	U*	80386	AT&T SVr3.2
xanadu!roger	Roger Gregory	(415)-856-4112	I	Sun 4	SunOS 4.0
xyzzy!meissner	Michael ~	(919)-248-6250	I*	DG MV	DG/UX
yarra!bgg	Ben Golding	+61 3 267 5999	X	Pyr98	OSx4.4
zoso!abaddon	David Neal	(713)-270-6340	U*	Sun 4	SunOS 4.0

If you are marked I, you are registered as an Internet site; get sources
from uunet via FTP, under ~/tmnn/beta7.7.

If you are marked X, you are registered as a uunet-connected site; get sources
from uunet via uucp from ~/tmnn/beta7.7/*.

If you are marked U, you are direct-connected to snark and sources are already
queued for you.

If you are marked -, you are expected by prior arrangement to get sources from
a neighbor of yours in one of the above three categories.

If your phone number looks like (XXX)-XXX-XXXX, it got lost in a script glitch.
Please resend it.

If you are *not* on this list but would like to join, please send the following

	* Your uucp sitename
	* Your username
	* Your full name
	* A voice phone where you can be reached
	* Your machine type
	* Your OS type
	* Whether you have FTP capability or a uunet link
	* If neither of the above, what times you will poll me

With this I can register you on the list.

Future plans -- I anticipate one more release to fold in corrected nntp
support and newsfilter-process communication. After that it's formal
release time!
      Eric S. Raymond =    (mad mastermind of TMN-Netnews)

Path: utzoo!utgpu!!mailrus!cornell!batcomputer!!nelson
From: (Russ Nelson)
Newsgroups: news.admin
Subject: Apologies to moderators
Message-ID: <>
Date: 17 May 89 19:01:09 GMT
Organization: Clarkson University, Postdam NY
Lines: 7

In attempting to convince TMNN to work on my Sun system, I find that
it has inadvertantly send out multiple copies of already-posted news
back to the moderators.  Many apologies.
--russ (nelson@clutx [.bitnet |])
I'm a right-to-lifer -- everyone has a right to earn a living sufficient to
feed himself and his family.

			  SCO's Case Against IBM

November 12, 2003 - Jed Boal from Eyewitness News KSL 5 TV provides an
overview on SCO's case against IBM. Darl McBride, SCO's president and CEO,
talks about the lawsuit's impact and attacks. Jason Holt, student and 
Linux user, talks about the benefits of code availability and the merits 
of the SCO vs IBM lawsuit. See SCO vs IBM.

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