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From: h...@utzoo.uucp (Henry Spencer)
Subject: C News released
Message-ID: <1989Jun9.231749.14384@utzoo.uucp>
Organization: U of Toronto Zoology
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 89 23:17:49 GMT

This is to announce the release of C News.  Finally.

We ran a quick and fairly private beta test, with about a dozen other sites
participating, over the last couple of weeks.  We were pretty pleased with
the results:  lots of little glitches in the configuration and installation
stuff, but practically nothing wrong with the software proper.  With a couple
of reservations described in README (notably, the documentation *still* isn't
all we would like, although it's vastly superior to that of the alpha release),
we think we're done.  We'd like to thank our beta testers for doing a lot of
hard work on quite short notice to shake out the last few problems.

The distribution, cnews.Z (a compressed shell archive), will be available
for anonymous FTP from a number of sites; we've asked them to announce
themselves here once they've actually got a copy ready to go.  In addition,
it's been broken down into 18 pieces and sent to comp.sources.unix, where
it will probably appear shortly after Usenix (which is all next week).

You can't possibly be as happy about this as we are, by the way. :-)
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