From: (Bruce Jones)
Newsgroups: sdnet.wanted,ca.wanted
Subject: Old version Unix Manuals wanted
Date: 8 Jun 1994 22:34:44 GMT
Organization: U.C.S.D. Department of Communication
Lines: 21
Message-ID: <2t5h24$>

I am working on a history of Usenet as my PhD dissertation in
Communication.   In my archives of old news, I frequently run across
references to Unix utilites and need to understand how those
utilities work.  I don't have access to either BSD or AT&T manuals
any more (all accounts are on either Sun or HP machines) and I find
that their manuals don't always have the information I need in

If you have a set of old Unix manuals sitting someplace gathering
dust and would like to donate them to a worthy cause, I'll come
pick them up or pay shipping from there to here (assuming you're
not reading this in Europe :-).


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