1992-02-15   init/getty/login announcement
1992-04-22   SysV init, shutdown, last, and more
1992-06-08   SysV compatible init, a new last(1) and more
1992-07-05   admutils 1.1
1992-08-15   admutils 1.2
1992-08-30   poeigl-1.6 and admutil-1.3
1992-11-20   Unix System V init and boot environment
1992-12-21   Unix System V IPC beta  More  [PDF]

1993-01-12   Unix System V init and boot environment - bootsys3
1993-01-18   Xenix filesystem for Linux
1993-02-02   Unix System V IPC beta+
1993-02-17   Threads package for Linux?
1993-03-19   Unix System V IPC delta  More  [PDF]  More  Download
1993-03-26   Unix System V init boot environment  Details  Features  Installation  Download
1993-04-26   Xenix filesystem for Linux
1993-05-20   Thread package for Linux
1993-05-25   SysVinit 2.4 available
1993-06-08   Linux-0.99.10
1993-12-01   Unix System V filesystem
1993-12-15   Adaptation of the System V/386 Filesystem for Linux  [PDF]

1994-02-18   SystemV init 2.50 available  Download
1994-03-14   Linux 1.0
1994-03-17   Unix System V init boot environment - Bootsys-5  Details  Installation  Download
1994-04-05   iBCS2 now in public testing  Details  Credits  Change Log  Download
1994-07-08   Getting the SCO demo version of Word Perfect working under Linux  Download
1994-11-02   Linux 1.1.61, codename 'bugfree' is released

1995-03-08   Linux 1.2
1995-03-10   Streams on Linux?
1995-03-27   LiS: Streams for Linux project
1995-05-26   The kernel 1.2.8/ELF patch  More
1995-07-21   iBCS new version  More details  Credits  Change Log  Compatibility  Download
1995-11-22   LiS Linux STREAMS project is stopped  Updates

1996-04-13   sysvinit-2.60 released
1996-05-02   SCO filesystem patches for 1.3.xx kernel
1996-06-09   Linux 2.0
1996-06-11   iBCS new version  Details  More  Credits  Change Log  Compatibility  Download
1996-08-14   ibcs-9608
1996-09-xx   IBM Communications Server Family - See document  More  More  [PDFs]
1996-10-04   Does Linux have a stream driver mechanism?

1997-01-30   LiS streams is now available  Details  Volunteers  Download  Semaphores
1997-02-16   iBCS new version  Details  More details  Credits  Change Log  Download
1997-04-xx   IBM Communications Server for AIX - See document  More  More  More  More  [PDFs]
1997-04-26   Hummingbird PC NFS software to access a SCO UNIX server - See document
1997-10-11   Unix-on-Intel players work on a common binary
1997-10-26   sysvinit-2.72 released
1997-11-25   SCO is bashing Linux - See document
1997-12-05   SCO apologizes for marketing - See document

1998-01-26   New Linux Streams release  Details  More details  Volunteers  Download
1998-03-20   UW7 DDI8 Driver Problem - See document  More
1998-03-22   SCO Network Drivers, Can I use them in Linux?
1998-05-13   Linux streams, getmsg, putmsg  More  More  More
1998-07-23   Top Vendors Throw Weight Behind Linux Operating System - See document
1998-07-23   Shell problem - See document
1998-08-13   SCO drivers under Linux
1998-09-15   Installing and Using SCO-based ports of Informix S.E. on Linux
1998-09-15   Streams: interface versus implementation  More
1998-09-16   SCO, Intel to Deliver Common Device Support - See document  More  More
1998-09-28   Which SCO to try? - See document
1998-10-01   iBCS and Linux Streams
1998-10-31   iBCS new version  Details  More details  Credits  Change Log  Download
1998-11-12   sysvinit-2.76 released
1998-11-23   Linux 2.1.125 and ibcs-2.1-981017

1999-01-21   Linux 2.2
1999-03-01   SCO Adds Linux Application Binary Support To UnixWare - See document
1999-04-05   Stream Processing (provided by SVR4) for Linux?
1999-05-xx   LiS: Linux Streams
1999-05-12   Sun's Solaris Operating Environment Runs Linux Applications - See document
1999-06-24   LiS-2.4

2000-06-28   Linux Streams
2000-12-03   LiS-2.10

2001-01-04   Linux 2.4
2001-04-25   LiS-2.12  More  LiS SMP Implementation  Download
2001-08-xx   IBM Communications Server - See document  More  [PDFs]

2002-06-xx   IBM Communications Server for Linux - See document  More  More  [PDFs]
2002-07-18   LiS-2.14  More  Download

2003-03-10   LiS-2.16  More  More  Download
2003-11-01   LiS version for RedHat 7.3
2003-11-24   Adopting LiS into Linux mainline?
2003-12-17   Linux 2.6.0

2004-05-25   IBM Communications Server for Linux on zSeries - See document  More  More  [PDFs]
2004-09-14   Status of LiS on Linux 2.6  More
2004-10-13   LiS-2.18  More  Download

2005-01-12   LiS and Linux 2.6 (SuSE 9.1 and SuSE 9.2)  More
2005-05-31   IBM Communications Server for Linux V6.2.1 - See document  More  [PDF]
2005-08-18   LiS-2.18.1  More  More  More  More
2005-12-02   LiS-2.18 performance

2006-06-27   LiS 2.19  More  Download
2006-06-27   IBM Communications Server for Linux V6.2.2 - See document  [PDF]  More  More  More
2006-08-29   GPL/LGPL

2007-01-09   LiS 2.18.4  More

2009-05-12   IBM Communications Server for Linux v6.4 - See document  More  [PDF]  More
2009-10-15   LiS (Linux Streams) download location has changed - See document

2010-11-19   Where to get LiS (Linux Streams) - See document