NCSA Mosaic for the Macintosh User Guide: Menus

Navigate Menu

Returns to previous document.
Moves to next document. This command is active only if you've returned to a previous document.
Returns to home page.
Opens your hotlist. See "Hotlists" on page 5-2 for more information.
Add This Document
Adds the current document to your hotlist. See "Hotlists" on page 5-2 for additional information.
Custom Menu...
Opens the Custom Menu dialog box where you can create a new pulldown menu with your important online documents. See "Custom Menu" on page 5-5 for more information.
Network Starting Points
A list of hyperlinks to many common and popular Internet resources.
Internet Resources Meta-Index
An index of indices.
NCSA Demo Page
A tour of the capabilities of NCSA Mosaic as well as some of the more eye-catching exhibits on the Internet.
NCSA What's New Page
A list of the newest additions to the World Wide Web.
NCSA Mosaic for Mac Home Page
The NCSA Mosaic for Macintosh home page.
NCSA Mosaic for Mac Features
A list of features and bug fixes for each version of NCSA Mosaic for Macintosh.