NCSA Mosaic for the Macintosh User Guide: Advanced Features

Custom Menu

The custom menu feature gives you an easy and convenient way to access a number of different hotlists from the menubar.

The Custom menus window lets you to change Mosaic's custom menu settings. Custom menus are shown on the menubar at the top of your screen. To open, select Custom Menu... from the Navigate menu.

With the Custom Menu shown above, the corresponding menu bar looks like this (compressed):

Custom Menu Window

This window shows all of the menus and hotlists that are created or added with custom menus.

The window is hierarchical. The small box to the left of the menu name (e.g., Training Info above) is an unexpanded list. Click on the box to show the full list of entries as shown in the Maine Info menu. The diamond to the left of the menu name indicates an expanded entry.

New Menu
Lets you to add a new menu to the menu bar. This button opens a dialog box where you create a new menu or attach a hotlist. You can add individual hotlinks to each menu you create.

For a new menu, enter a name and click OK. To add a hotlist, click in the Attach Hotlist box and select an existing hotlist to add.

NOTE: The name you enter in the menu title field is shown in the menu bar at the top of your screen. If you expect to create many custom menus, keep your menu names short. The menu bar accommodates many names but eventually available space is exhausted.

Add Menu
Adds submenus under existing menus. Select the menu under which you want to add another menu. Click Add Menu and enter the menu name. Click OK. The submenu is displayed in the Custom Menu window.
Submenus menus are identified by the triangle to the left of the name. The triangle points to the right for an unexpanded menu; it points down for an expanded menu listing.

Adds documents to the highlighted menu or submenu. Click New URL to open a dialog box for a title and a URL. Click Add Current to add the current document to the highlighted menu.
Deletes the highlighted menu and any submenus. Confirm the deletion.
Opens a dialog box for editing menu information. The dialog box that is opened depends on what you highlight in the Custom Menu window.
If a menu name is highlighted, clicking Edit opens the New Menu dialog box where you can edit the menu title.

If a menu item is highlighted, clicking Edit opens the Edit Document Information dialog box. Make changes to an item title or to the associated URL.

The URL box at the bottom of the window displays the URL of the highlighted Custom Menu entry. Use the scrollbars to view the entire URL if necessary.
You can copy a URL from this field but you cannot edit a URL here. Click the Edit button in the Custom Menus window to make changes in a URL.