NCSA Mosaic for the Macintosh User Guide: Menus

Edit Menu

Undo/Can't Undo
If highlighted, undoes the last action. If dimmed, the last action cannot be undone.
Cuts the selected text to the clipboard. Usually dimmed, because you cannot modify text in the Mosaic window. You can cut text from dialog boxes.
Copies the selected text to the clipboard. If the selected region include images, the images are not copied.
Pastes in text from the clipboard. You cannot paste text into the main Mosaic window, but you can paste text into the various fields in dialog boxes and the Annotation editing window.
Deletes the currently selected text. Does not work in the Mosaic window, because that text cannot be modified.
Brings up the Find dialog box for finding a text string in the current Mosaic window. See "Searching a Document" on page 5-1 for more information.
Find Again
Searches again for the last text string.
Show Clipboard
Opens a clipboard window containing your saved information from a dialog box or another application.