NCSA Mosaic for the Macintosh User Guide: Menus

File menu

New Window
Opens a new Mosaic window with the home page document.
Clone Window
Same as New Window, except the initial document is the one displayed in the current window.
Open URL...
Opens a dialog box where a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is entered. Click Open to load the document or Cancel.
Open Local...
Opens a standard Get File dialog box. Locate the file to open and click Open or Cancel.
Refreshes the document by getting another copy. Useful if editing an HTML document, and you want to see the effect of your changes.
Closes the front-most Mosaic window.
Save As...
Saves the current Mosaic document in text format. (To save the document in HTML, use View Source, explained below.)
Page Setup...
Brings up the standard Page Setup dialog box for specifying printing options.
Prints out the contents of the current Mosaic document.
View Source...
Displays the HTML-coded source document. Dimmed if you have not activated Enable view source in the Options menu.
Uses the application loaded for text document (set in the Preferences dialog box).

NOTE: This option is dimmed if the current document was extracted from the disk Cache.

Exits the NCSA Mosaic application.