NCSA Mosaic for the Macintosh User Guide: Installation

System Requirements

NCSA Mosaic for Macintosh will run with earlier versions of MacTCP, but bugs in those versions cause each document loaded to use 12K, and you will run out of memory quickly.

TCP/IP Connection

The current version of MacTCP is 2.0.4. The update program from version 2.0.2 to version 2.0.4 is available from the following anonymous FTP site:

Link: MacTCP.2.0.4.sea.Hqx (Update from 2.0.2 -> 2.0.4)

or open the following URL:
In addition to this site, it can be found at many other major FTP sites, probably under a similar file name.

The Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh by Adam Engst includes MacTCP 2.0.2 and other connection software. It is priced at around $30 and should be available at your local bookstore. The ISBN number is 1-56830-064-6.

For the most recent MacTCP information, choose FAQ from the Balloon menu (see "Balloon (Help) Menu" on page 3-6).