NCSA Mosaic for the Macintosh User Guide: Menus

Balloon (Help) Menu

About Balloon Help...
Standard information about balloon help.
Show Balloons
Turns on balloon help. NCSA Mosaic for Macintosh does contain any balloon help messages.
Mail Developers...
Brings up the Mail Developers window. Use this window to mail bug reports, feature requests, and mail to the technical support and development staff.
MacMosaic Documentation
Brings up the NCSA Mosaic for Macintosh User's Guide (i.e., this guide) in a new window.
Brings up NCSA's A Beginner's Guide to HTML in a new window.
URL Help
Brings up NCSA's A Beginner's Guide to URLs in a new window.
Brings up the Frequently Asked Questions about NCSA Mosaic for Macintosh.