NCSA Mosaic for the Macintosh User Guide: Tips and Tricks

Saving Inline Images

Occasionally you might want to save a particular image file. The process for doing this is less straight-forward than saving the source HTML file. To save inline images to disk:

  1. Choose View Source from the File menu and note the URL of the source document. Look in the source file for the name of the image. Inline images are referenced with the <IMG SRC> tag (e.g., <IMG SRC="MyPicture.gif">).
  2. Select Load to Disk from the Options menu.
  3. Select Open URL... from the File menu.
  4. Type in the URL of the inline image. If the URL in the IMG SRC tag is a complete URL, type that into the Open URL dialog box. Otherwise, the location of the file is relative to the source HTML document.
For example, if the URL of the source HTML document is http://computer/directory/file.html, and the IMG SRC tag is <IMG SRC="MyPicture.gif">, then the URL of the inline image is http://computer/directory/MyPicture.gif.

  1. Press RETURN or click Open. A standard dialog box appears for you to specify the name and location of the downloaded file.