NCSA Mosaic for the Macintosh User Guide: Tips and Tricks

Opening Documents Directly

Sometimes you know a URL and want to link to that document directly. You have two ways to open a document.

File Menu

To open a document directly,

  1. Select Open URL... from the File menu (or press q-U).
  2. Type in the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the document you want to retrieve.
Remember that a URL is a protocol type (e.g., http, gopher), server name, and file name convention that tells NCSA Mosaic where a document is located. Typically, someone tells you the URL of a document and you enter the string of characters. (See Introducing the World Wide Web for more information.)

URL Field

If you have Show URL selected on the Options menu, you can enter URLs in the URL field at the top of the Mosaic window. Highlight or backspace over the existing URL and enter the new URL. Press RETURN to activate the link.