From: (Nicholas M. Stoughton)
Subject: Standards Update, POSIX.2: Shell & Utilities
Date: 1995/08/26
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               USENIX Standards Report Editor
   Nicholas M. Stoughton <>, Report Editor

POSIX.2: Shell & Utilities

Tom Shem <> reports on the July
10-14, 1995 meeting in Nashua, NH.:

A Brief Summary

POSIX.2b (Shell and Utilities) draft 11 closed its
``changes-only'' recirculation ballot on July 6th.  The
results from the ballot were not yet available at the time
of the meeting.  Also, a copy of POSIX.2b draft 11 was sent
to ISO.  Comments are not expected back from ISO till around
the end of the year.

David Korn reported on the Regular Expression Experts
meeting which was held in Toronto, Canada on June 28th.  The
meetings objectives were to address a number of outstanding
POSIX interpretations dealing with RE's.  The results from
the this meeting of experts were used to close a number of
outstanding POSIX.2 interpretation requests.  The RE Experts
meeting should be considered a sub-meeting of the POSIX.2
working group to all intents and purposes.

A large portion of the meeting was spent addressing
interpretations to the POSIX.2 (IEEE 1003.2-1992) standard.
In addition, we revisited several interpretations examined
at the RE Experts meeting.  In addition to those,
interpretations were addressed in the following areas: awk,
ed, expr, shell, filename expansion, make, mkfifo, and mail.
The results from the interpretations meetings will be sent
to the Interpretations Functional-chair (Andrew Josey) as
official interpretation responses.

An outstanding issue for the last few POSIX.2 meeting has
been the lack of internationalization (I18N) experts to
address I18N concerns in the POSIX.2 standard.  It was
agreed that this would be a good basis for a new POSIX.2
project if we could get commitment from several key I18N
experts.  Further discussion on a new Project Authorization
Request (PAR) will be conducted at the next meeting in

Lastly, since the IEEE results from the POSIX.2b draft 11
ballot had not yet been received by the close of the
meeting, we were unable to begin work on resolving ballot
objections.  In anticipation of their impending arrival,
volunteers were assigned as Technical reviewers (TR's) to
specific chapter and section of the document.  The results

                            - 2 -

will be tabulated by the ballot coordinator (Don Cragun) and
distributed at a later date.

Volume-Number: Volume 35, Number 61

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