From: (Nicholas M. Stoughton)
Subject: Standards Update, POSIX.0: Guide to POSIX OSE
Date: 1995/06/16
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organization: USENIX Standards Report Editor
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Submitted-by: (Nicholas M. Stoughton)

                      USENIX Standards Report Editor

          Nicholas M. Stoughton <>, Report Editor

       POSIX.0: Guide to POSIX OSE

       Kevin Lewis <> reports on the
       April 24-28, 1995 meeting in Irvine, Ca.:

       Draft 18 of the POSIX.0 guide was submitted to the IEEE
       Review Committee (RevCom) at its March 15 meeting. RevCom
       noted that one change was made to the draft without that
       change being circulated to the ballot group. Thus, much to
       the appreciation of the fatigued ballot coordinator who is
       also the author of this snitch, RevCom gave approval
       conditional upon the recirculation of the change and upon
       the receipt of no new objections.

       This recirculation was completed on April 24. One new
       negative ballot was submitted but this ballot simply
       restated an objection that had been previously been
       circulated. The ballot summary resulting from this last
       recirculation is as follows:

                            58    affirmative
                             9    negative
                             9    abstentions
                            93%   return
                            86%   affirmative

       At this point, the ballot coordinator has made contact with
       the IEEE RevCom Secretariat to review the recirculation
       results. It is the humble (and I believe accurate) opinion
       of this writer that the conditions set by RevCom on POSIX.0
       have been met and full approval should rapidly forthcoming.
       The next step, upon receipt of full approval, is submittal
       of draft 18 to JTC1 for final balloting.

       The future meeting plan for POSIX.0 is to have a one day
       meeting at the July meeting in Nashua to declare victory and
       for the group to enjoy a dinner together. As far as future
       work is concerned, a study group on User Profiles has
       spawned out of POSIX.0 and is now operating on its own. It
       appears that it will become a working group by the end of

       I think it is now safe to say the POSIX.0 Guide Project is
       done (or to quote Jason Zions ``it's cooked!'').


Volume-Number: Volume 35, Number 32

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