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Subject: SCO Announces SCO OpenServer Release 5
Date: 1995/05/09
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   SCO OpenServer Release 5 Delivers Mainframe-Class Reliability
                   for Businesses of All Sizes

New  York,  NY  (May 9, 1995) -- (NASDAQ: SCOC)  The  Santa  Cruz
Operation, Inc. (SCO), the world's leading provider of UNIX  host
and  server  systems (source: IDC), today unveiled SCO OpenServer
Release  5,  SCO's  family of next-generation  Business  Critical
Servers  that  will  begin shipping this month.  As  the  leading
application  server  for the Intel platform, the  SCO  OpenServer
system  is  compatible  with more than  8,000  business  critical
applications  and  thousands  of  DOS  and  Windows  applications
available today. Release 5 now brings mainframe-class reliability
to   the  Intel  platform,  making  business  critical  computing
available  to businesses of all sizes. The SCO OpenServer  system
is  also the only Business Critical Server for the Intel platform
that    protects   customers'   legacy   investments   in   data,
applications,  networks, and hardware, supporting more  than  900
computers (including over 60 SMP machines), over 2,000 peripheral
devices, and all of the major networking protocols.

The  SCO OpenServer system builds on SCO's market leadership with
key  new  features to help businesses streamline  operations  and
improve customer service:

-   High   Availability  and  Reliability  to  minimize  business
downtime:  Mirroring and striping (RAID 0, 1,  5)  support,  file
system  journaling,  advanced power  management,  integrated  UPS
support, and online backup of UNIX and Windows clients.

-  Greater  Performance  and Scalability  to  control  costs  and
growth: New high-performance filesystem, SMP support for up to 30
processors, multithreaded network subsystem and drivers,  dynamic
kernel  tables/sizing, memory mapped files, and DBMS  performance

-  Distributed Administration to improve efficiency  and  support
for  remote  sites:  A  completely  new,  integrated,  extensible
administration tool that runs in full graphical or character mode
for remote access.

-   Software  Management  to  simplify  software  deployment  and
maintenance: Software installation and update across  a  network,
software licensing, version control, and metering.

-  Windows and PC Connectivity to leverage user skills and legacy
investments:  NetWare  gateway services, the  Locus  PCI  server,
Windows  and DOS online backup, POP3 mail server, Wintif (Windows
appearance for Motif applications), and optional Merge, Wabi 2.0,
and  LAN  Manager.  Additional client-integration  products  from
Visionware, an SCO subsidiary, include  PC-Connect, XVision,  and
Visionware SQL-Retriever.

"Business  Critical Servers enable businesses to  get  closer  to
their customers and run faster and leaner," said Alok Mohan,  SCO
president and chief operating officer. "These servers combine the
benefits   of   mainframes  and  minicomputers   -   reliability,
availability, serviceability, and scalability - with the benefits
of  the  Intel  platform - low total cost of ownership,  superior
price-performance,  and widely available commodity  hardware.  In
addition, they are backed by a worldwide distribution and support
infrastructure,  plus  thousands  of  proven  business   critical
applications.   SCO  has  spent  years  building   that   support
infrastructure, and SCO OpenServer Release 5 solidifies our  lead
in  this  fast-growing market by delivering all of these benefits
to businesses of every size."

David  House, Intel's senior vice president of corporate strategy
said, "Today's Intel Architecture-based Business Critical Servers
combine  the  leading price-performance value  of  PCs  with  the
scalability  formerly associated with much  larger  systems.  SCO
OpenServer  enables organizations of all sizes  to  take  maximum
advantage of these capabilities immediately in business  critical

The   SCO  OpenServer  Release  5  Product  Family  is  the  most
comprehensive  Business Critical Server platform  for  businesses
today.   In addition to the Base Operating Systems, which include
the  multiuser Enterprise and Host Server systems and the single-
user Desktop System, the product family includes a full range  of
additional capabilities available as add-on products,    plus  an
array  of  expert  services to provide the comprehensive  support
that  business critical customers require. These add-ons  include
Windows  Services  (Microsoft LAN Manager for  SCO  Systems,  SCO
Wabi, SCO Merge, Visionware PC-Connect, Visionware SQL-Retriever,
and  Visionware  XVision),  Distributed  Services  (SCO  Security
Service,  SCO  Distributed  Administration  Service,  SCO   X.500
Directory  Service, SCO DCE Executive Service, and SCO  DCE  Cell
Directory Service), Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability
Services  (SCO  SMP  License and SCO Virtual Disk  Manager),  and
Developer  Services (SCO OpenServer Development System,  SCO  DCE
Development  System,  SCO  POS Toolkit,  SCO  AHDK);  the  Expert
Services   include  a  full  range  of  Professional,  Technical,
Educational, Information, and Enhancement Services.

Bob   Kostosky,  director  of  store  technology  for  Rite   Aid
Corporation,  the  largest drug store chain in  the  U.S.,  said,
"We've  already  deployed SCO Business Critical Servers  at  over
2,700 stores across the U.S. We're very excited about Release  5,
and  have already begun to integrate it into our operations.  SCO
OpenServer  Release  5  delivers the  reliability,  availability,
serviceability, scalability, and performance features we need  to
ensure that our business critical servers continue to provide  us
with the competitive edge we have today with SCO solutions."

SCO   has   established  one  of  the  industry's  most  renowned
distribution  and support infrastructures. Over 100  distributors
and  6,000  resellers around the world provide  SCO  Open  Server
solutions  to  businesses  of all kinds  and  sizes,  and  expert
training  and certification is available from over 140  education

SCO  is  the  world's leading provider of UNIX  server  and  host
systems, with more unit shipments in 1994 than Sunsoft's  Solaris
1  and  2,  IBM's AIX, HP's HP-UX, and Novell's UnixWare combined
(source:  IDC,  most  current data as  of  12/94).  SCO  Business
Critical Servers run the critical day-to-day operations of  large
branch organizations in retail, finance, and government, as  well
as  corporate departments and small to medium-size businesses  of
every  kind.  SCO is also the leading provider of  software  that
integrates Windows PCs and other clients with servers from all of
the  major  UNIX  System  vendors. SCO  sells  and  supports  its
products  through a worldwide network of distributors, resellers,
systems  integrators,  and  OEMs. For  additional  corporate  and
product  information, see SCO's home page on the World Wide  Web:

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SCO,  The Santa Cruz Operation, SCO OpenServer, and the SCO logo,
are  trademarks  or  registered  trademarks  of  The  Santa  Cruz
Operation, Inc. in the USA and other countries.  Visionware,  PC-
Connect,  Visionware SQL-Retriever and XVision are trademarks  or
registered  trademarks of Visionware Ltd., a subsidiary  of  SCO.
Wintif  is a trademark of IXI Limited, a subsidiary of SCO.  UNIX
is a registered trademark in the US and other countries, licensed
exclusively  through X/Open Company Limited. All other  brand  or
product  names  are  or may be trademarks of,  and  are  used  to
identify products or services of, their respective owners.

Barbara LoFranco
SCO Public Relations

From: SCO Information <>
Subject: Announcing SCO Wabi Release 2.0
Date: 1995/05/09
Message-ID: <>
X-Deja-AN: 102299247
sender: (Ed Hew)
organization: XeniTec Consulting Services, Kitchener, ON, Canada
followup-to: comp.unix.sco.misc
newsgroups: comp.unix.sco.announce

                         PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT

May 9,  1995 ...  SCO is  now accepting  orders for Release 2.0 of SCO
Wabi for  use with  SCO OpenServer Release 5. Product and availability
information follow:


DESCRIPTION: SCO  Wabi is  an SCO OpenServer Release 5 layered product
  that  enables   selected  Microsoft  Windows  personal  productivity
  applications to  run on  the new SCO operating systems. Applications
  run in  a 386-enhanced  mode, offering the best possible performance
  and integration for MS Windows applications executing on an X Window
  System. Microsoft  Windows API  calls get  translated directly  to X
  Window or  UNIX System calls, greatly reducing the overhead normally
  encountered when  using traditional emulation products. In addition,
  SCO Wabi supports the Microsoft WinSock API to allow applications to
  make use of network access of the SCO operating system.

  SCO Wabi  Release 2.0  requires a  Microsoft  Windows  3.1  or  3.11
  license. The following applications are supported:

    Microsoft Word for Windows 2.0 & 6.0
    Microsoft Excel for Windows 4.0 & 5.0
    Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows 1.1 & 4.0
    WordPerfect for Windows 2.0 & 6.0
    Microsoft PowerPoint 3.0 & 4.0
    Microsoft Project for Windows 3.0
    Harvard Graphics for Windows 1.0 & 2.0
    AmiPro for Windows 3.0 & 3.01
    Aldus PageMaker 4.0 & 5.0
    ProComm Plus for Windows 1.0 & 1.02
    CorelDraw 3.0, 4.0 & 5.0
    Paradox for Windows 1.0 & 4.5
    Quatra Pro 1.0 & 5.0
    Lotus Freelance 2.01
    Microsoft Mail 3.2
    Intuit Quicken 3.0
    Lotus Organizer 1.0
    Lotus Notes 3.0
    cc:Mail 2.0
    Lotus Approach 2.1

  In addition  to the  above applications,  SCO Wabi  Release 2.0 also
  supports both the Microsoft Office Suite (Version 4.2 & 4.3) and the
  Lotus SmartSuite. DOS applications are not supported. Other than the
  above list,  no other  MS Windows  applications are supported by SCO
  Wabi Release 2.0.

PRICING: Contact your Authorized SCO Reseller.
 For local supplier referral, you may contact SCO as follows:
 USA and Canada: 800-726-8649 or (408) 425-7222 from rest of Americas
 Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia: +44 (0) 923 816344
 Or email to, or see our home page at


  SCO Wabi Release 2.0.0

    Desktop System License (3.5")
    Server System License (3.5")
AVAILABILITY: First  customer shipments  of SCO  Wabi Release  2.0 are
  anticipated to begin in May, 1995.


  - Provides the best performance, lowest-cost solution for running
    the most popular personal productivity applications for Microsoft

  - Well-integrated with the desktop

  - Offers benefits of two platforms in a single desktop system

  - Built-in National Language Support (NLS) and compatibility with
    other SCO internationalization features and standards

  - Enables cut-and-paste between UNIX System and MS Windows

  - Allows sharing of SCO OpenServer networking and printing devices

  SCO Wabi User's Guide

  Software:         SCO OpenServer Release 5 (Enterprise, Host or
                    Desktop System)

                    Version 3.0 or 3.1 (recommended) of Microsoft

  Hardware:         Most standard Intel-based single or multiple
                    processor systems based on 386, 486 or Pentium
                    CPUs and Industry Standard Architecture (ISA),
                    Extended Industry Standard Architecture (EISA),
                    Micro Channel Architecture (MCA) or Peripheral
                    Component Interface Architecture (PCI)

  Display:          Monochrome, VGA, Super VGA, XGA, and higher-
                    resolution megapixel adapters

  RAM:              Add 4 MBytes to base operating system requirements
                    for each additional MS-Windows 3.1 session.
  Disk Space:       10 MBytes (in addition to base operating system

  Mouse:            Bus, serial, or keyboard mouse for GUI-based

  (1) All  SCO OpenServer  Release  5  products  (including  SCO  Wabi
  Release 2.0)  require registration  with an SCO Registration Center.
  Information regarding  the registration of each product is contained
  in the  SCO Software Registration Booklet or is available on-line in
  the system documentation.
  (2) Trade-Ins  from previous  versions of  SCO Merge or SCO VP/ix to
  SCO  Wabi  Release  2.0  are  available  through  the  SCO  Software
  Enhancement Service (SES).
SCO, SCO OpenServer, and VP/ix are trademarks or registered trademarks
of The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. in the U.S.A. and other countries.

UNIX is  a registered  trademark in  the U.S.A.  and other  countries,
licensed exclusively  through X/Open  Company Limited. All other brand
or product names are or may be trademarks of, and are used to identify
products or services of, their respective owners.

The Santa  Cruz Operation, Inc. reserves the right to change or modify
any of the product specifications or features described herein without
notice. This  product summary  is for  information only.  SCO makes no
express or implied representations or warranties in this summary.

Copyright (c) 1995 The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.  All Rights Reserved

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