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Subject: New Patchlevel for LaTeX2e released
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Date: Mon, 27 Mar 1995 13:23:41 +0200
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The LaTeX Programming Team wishes to announce the availability of
Patchlevel 2 of the December 94 release of LaTeX2e.

For a list of changes please consult the file patches.txt in the
LaTeX2e distribution. A copy of the file is appended to this mail.

For the LaTeX Programming Team

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                        LaTeX Patches Guide

                         22 March 1995

This document describes the procedure by which changes to the LaTeX
distribution in between the six-monthly releases will be made.

Such changes will be made only when major problems are discovered and
fixed.  Other changes will only be made twice a year, in June and

Changes which affect the file latex.ltx, and hence the format, are
called `patches to the LaTeX kernel': this concept is described in
detail below.  The changes of this type are described briefly at the
end of this file, in chronological order.

All changes to all files should be listed, in reverse-time order, in
the files called changes.txt: there is one in each distribution

Some reports are marked with a number such as latex/1487. This means
that the original report, and any related correspondence, is available
in the public bugs report database, available on the World Wide Web:

Patches to the LaTeX kernel dated <1994/12/01>

New releases of LaTeX will occur at six-monthly intervals, in June and
December.  Between these releases it may be necessary to make small
updates to fix major problems.

We have made it relatively easy to install updates that affect only
the format---by placing all these changes in one file, called

In order to update your LaTeX format you should put
ltpatch.ltx where it can be read by iniTeX and then run iniTeX on
latex.ltx.  You do not need to unpack the latex sources again.

In this run of iniTeX, the file ltpatch.ltx (if it exists) will be
read just before the format file is `dumped'.  This will correct any
bugs and it will modify the opening banner of LaTeX: for example,

LaTeX2e <1994/12/01>


LaTeX2e <1994/12/01> patch level 2

Other changes

Note that ltpatch.ltx fixes only bugs that are present in the LaTeX
format.  Problems in packages, classes and other files will be fixed
by re-issuing the appropriate files, some of which may need to be

Changes to the kernel in LaTeX2e <1994/12/01> patch level 1

%%% latex/1275  \it \bf fix for first use in math mode.

%%% latex/1274: \k{} doesn't produce an ogonek accent

%%% (internal) Tracing code accidently left in production format.

Changes to the kernel in LaTeX2e <1994/12/01> patch level 2

%%% latex/1239:  Bug report on ltbibl (base

%%% 1240 (internal) Saving more memory

%%% tools/1296: fontsmpl.tex gives TeX capacity exceeded

%%% 1317 (internal) \@for expanding its argument incorectly

%%% latex/1322: Again a problem with \^\i in headings ...

%%% latex/1329 + 1332:
%%%         the primitive \abovewithdelims does not work in LaTeX

%%% latex/1344 + 1463  emergencystretch

%%% latex/1346: \@check@c needs to be \long

%%% 1388 (internal) Saving space

%%% latex/1392: AtBeginDvi broken

%%% 1405 (internal) Make allocations non-outer

%%% latex/1407 + 1420  Missing character if ams packages are used

%%% 1440 (internal) Please use the math alphabet \@mathbfinstead

%%% latex/1451: newline command \\ in eqnarray and output routine

%%% latex/1487: filecontents ruins \typein

%%% 1498 (internal, orig. from Donald Arseneau) \DeclareOption not \long

%%% 1507 (internal) \newenvironment argument parsing.

Changes to non-kernel files in LaTeX <1994/12/01>

This section details files that have changed in the
`base', `tools' and `mfnfss' distributions.
Updates to the `babel' `psnfss', `amslatex' and `graphics'
distributions will be announced separately, if necessary.

To activate the non-kernel updates you have to retrieve the
.dtx files and unpack them with their corresponding .ins files
or alternatively (for the files in `base') you may obtain the unpacked
files from ctan archives.

base/compan.err     More corrections to "The LaTeX Companion"
base/slides.dtx     Fix for graphics/1335 (colour support)
base/classes.dtx    Improve colour support.
base/letter.dtx     Fix for latex/1375 (address label positioning)
base/alltt.dtx      Modify so \verb?\? works. (latex/1369)
base/latex209.dtx   Fix latex/1424 (\newcommand{\r}{}), and latex/1460

base/latexbug.tex   Improve interactive messages.
base/latexbug.el    Make more robust for emacs customisation.

tools/multicol.dtx  Colour support
tools/tabularx.dtx  Allow \tabularx to be used in \newenvironment defns
tools/showkeys.dtx  Assorted improvements: tools/1181/1434/1496

--- Copyright 1994-1995 the LaTeX3 project.  All rights reserved ---

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