From: (David Carlisle)
Newsgroups: comp.text.tex
Subject: Release of LaTeX: 17th/18th December
Followup-To: comp.text.tex
Date: 05 Dec 1994 10:50:57 GMT
Organization: Department of Computer Science, University of Manchester
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Release of LaTeX: December 1994

LaTeX is planned to be re-issued on a regular 6-monthly basis.
The first full LaTeX2e release was dated 1st June 1994, and the 
second full release will have a nominal date of 1994/12/01 (1st

Since June we have made many improvements, fixing problems
reported, and also integrating support for (8-bit) input
encodings, such as the `latin1' encoding.

In order to allow a full testing phase we have decided to slightly
delay the public release.

We now expect to place the next release of LaTeX on ctan sites
during the weekend  17th/18th December.

Thank you for your patience,

David Carlisle
For the LaTeX3 Project.

From: (David Carlisle)
Newsgroups: comp.text.tex
Subject: Winter LaTeX Release
Followup-To: comp.text.tex
Date: 22 Dec 1994 18:46:53 GMT
Organization: Department of Computer Science, University of Manchester
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Distribution: world
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The second full release of LaTeX2e was placed on the ctan archives on
December 17th. This release fixes problems reported since June and
incorporates the new `inputenc' package as a standard method of
supporting 8bit input.

The document ltnews02.tex contains more details of the new features.
See also the www page:

LaTeX is available from ctan hosts in the directory


A ready `unpacked' version is available in


Note that this includes all the files in `base' so you do not need
both directories.

Unfortunately a couple of small bugs are present in that release.
These are fixed in the file
that was placed on on 22nd December (and will arrive on
other ctan hosts overnight).

If you have already installed LaTeX2e <1994/12/01>, simply obtain the
patch file and re-run initex on latex.ltx; this will update the
format to LaTeX2e <1994/12/01> patch level 1. If you have not
previously installed the December release, just follow the usual
installation procedure outlined in install.txt, and the patch will be
automatically applied.

Two other files in the LaTeX distribution have been updated since
the initial December release.

  (% missing from two comment lines...)

  (Fix to AmsLaTeX's \dots )

Merry Christmas

David Carlisle

    LaTeX3 Project

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