From: (Rainer Schoepf)
Newsgroups: comp.text.tex
Subject: LaTeX2e -- A New Version of LaTeX
Date: 03 Aug 1993 10:49:30 GMT
Organization: Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum fuer Informationstechnik Berlin
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The following announcement was made last week at the Annual meeting of
the TeX User's Group (TUG) at Aston University, Birmingham, UK. It was
converted automatically from LaTeX source format into plain text by
the dvidoc processor.

                LaTeX2e -- A New Version of LaTeX

            Leslie Lamport and the LaTeX3 project team

                          July 27, 1993

1 Reasons For LaTeX2e

There are  two primary reasons  for introducing  a new version  of

   * Standardisation:   a single  format incorporating  NFSS2,  to
     replace present multiplicity  of incompatible formats  (NFSS,
     lfonts, pslfonts, etc.)

   * Maintenance:    a  standardised  system  is  essential  to  a
     reliable maintenance policy.

Note  that LaTeX2e  is  only a  ``working name''---thus  this  may

2 Guiding Principles

The following two guiding principles are to be followed:

   I Unmodified version  2.09 input  files will  produce the  same
     output with LaTeX2e as with version 2.09.

  II All new features of  LaTeX2e will conform to the  conventions
     of version 2.09,  making it as  easy as possible for  current
     users to learn to use them.

3 Preamble Commands

In  order to  distinguish old  (2.09) documents  from those  using
facilities  from the  new version,  LaTeX2e documents  will use  a
different command on the first line.


   The  \documentclass command  specifies  what kind  of  document
this is---for example, article, book, letter, slide.


   Including  a  package   adds  new  commands  and/or   redefines
existing commands to provide additional functionality.


   Invokes the LaTeX2.09 compatibility mode.

4 Documentation

The  new version  will be  described in  a new  edition of  LaTeX:
A  document  preparation  system by  Leslie  Lamport  and  in  The
LaTeX Companion  by Goossens, Mittelbach  and Samarin (both to  be
published by Addison-Wesley).   The Companion will also  contain a
complete description of NFSS2.

5 Distribution Policy

Maintenace of  the new  system will  be undertaken  by the  LaTeX3
project team.
   A   complete   distribution   of  all   files,    incorporating
corrections of  errors, will  be made  available twice  a year  on
fixed dates.   This will happen even  if there were no  changes to
the files, and hence only the release dates have to be updated.
   We are currently  looking into the possibility of  additionally
distributing diff files.

6 Error Reports

Error  reports can  be  made  using a  report  generating  program
latexbug.tex.  This will be part of the main distribution.
   Error reports will be  accepted only if the version  of LaTeX2e
that  produces the  error  is not  older  than one  year.    Error
reports can be sent to the following mail address:


or a postal address that is to be announced.


   Rainer Schoepf
    fuer Informationstechnik Berlin
   Heilbronner Strasse 10
   D-10711 Berlin
   Federal Republic of Germany
   <> or <>

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