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From: (Gavin Maltby)
Newsgroups: comp.text.tex
Subject: Information: My TeX intro now has ftp sites
Date: 26 Mar 1993 12:43:35 GMT
Organization: University of Natal (Durban), South Africa
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Summary: Notes submitted to group a while back now in ftp area
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Ever since I posted my ``Intro to TeX and Friends'' a little while back
I have been promising myself that I'd submit them to an archive site
sometime.  In the meantime I have mailed numerous copies in response
to individual requests.  I believe that they have found their way
into archives of this group here and there, anyway.  It turned out
that I didn't need to submit them for at least two sites now have it
on anonymous ftp, namely in /pub/tex/documentation as the file
and (a local site) in /pub/tex/maltby as the file

I'm told by a couple of people ``in the know'' that a manual such
as this does not undercut LaTeX manual sales so much as it promotes
the usage of TeX in general.  For this reason I have started writing the
new chapters that the original notes refer to here and there (mistakenly!).
I am not working flat-out at this, so I hope to post/submit the new-and-
improved version in 2--3 months.


Gavin Maltby

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