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Subject: Board of Directors Meeting Summary
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Date: 16 Mar 93 19:46:37 GMT
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Board Meeting Summary

by Ellie Young, Executive Director

Below is a summary of the actions taken at the regular quarterly
meeting of the USENIX Board of Directors which convened in San Diego, CA
on January 24, 1993.


USENIX Board of Directors: Rick Adams, Eric Allman, Tom Christiansen,
Lori Grob, Steve Johnson, Kirk McKusick, Evi Nemeth, Mike O'Dell,
Barry Shein 

USENIX Staff: Ellie Young, Judy DesHarnais, Dan Klein, Diane DeMartini

Others: Greg Rose, Mick Farmer, Jeff Haemer, Peter Collinson, Elizabeth
Zwicky, Rob Kolstad, Dan Geer 


Winter `93 Conference. DesHarnais reported that attendance was less
than projected and final attendance would be about 1,200. Kolstad
reported that the conference convener model worked well, and a new "The 
Guru Is In" session was added.

Everyone agreed that this conference had a great program with something
for everyone. A discussion about conference attendance ensued. It was
suggested that a report on the total number of person days at all
USENIX events in the past few years be generated to see what the effect
the workshops may be having on the general conferences. It was also
suggested that we might do a survey to find out why people aren't com-
ing back to the general conferences. The board was asked to give
suggestions for new tutorial topics to Klein. Johnson presented a gift
to Kolstad from the Board and staff in appreciation of his services as
conference convener for San Diego. 

Applications Development Symposium. After some discussion concerning the
reasons for the low number of submissions and our subsequent
postponement of this event, it was decided that we do want to have
this symposium, and Kolstad and Young were asked to come up with a plan. 
SANS II. It was suggested that Kolstad, Christiansen, and Zwicky
produce a report for our membership that explains the differences
between LISA and SANS conferences. [See page 20 for this report -Ed.]

Mobile Computing Symposium. Geer reported that Bob Metcalfe might give
the keynote address, and he encouraged the board to get people to
submit papers, as well as provide any leads about tabletop demos. 


Zwicky reported that SAGE had elected a new board. Johnson asked that
she convey the USENIX board's congratulations to them. She reported
that SAGE had almost 600 members, and that although the working 
groups are not very active, they have been contributing ;login:
material . It was suggested that USENIX/SAGE have a booth at UniForum,
and that we have proceedings and USENIX/SAGE information at the SANS

Local Technical Groups (LTG) Document & International Affiliate Groups 

Johnson reported on the committee's efforts at drafting a document,
and that the rationale for LTGs was that they focus on social and
technical issues from a local standpoint. Zwicky said there were
several different types of established locals, with some more
structured than others, e.g., BAYLISA, BACKBAY LISA, Motorola, and two
separate international groups. After more discussion, it was agreed
that we should invite SAGE to make a couple of LTGs, and also collect
mid and low-level details regarding the document, and run the 
final draft by our attorney.

Rose explained that he, along with Hal Miller and Zwicky, had drawn
up a draft agreement which would allow SAGE-Australia to affiliate
with SAGE in order to exchange information, i.e., accreditation,
job descriptions, etc. 


Adams' proposal to replace section 6.2.2. of the Policies document
concerning the Reserve Funds, with the establishment of an Endowment
Fund (in which surplus monies that are not needed to finance the
Association's ongoing activities are invested with long-term growth
and stability in mind) was passed. 

Update on UniForum

Johnson reported on his recent meeting with their new Executive
Director and Young, and that they would like to cooperate in several
areas such as co-funding the standards report editor activities, doing
joint membership promotions, cosponsoring educational seminars and
colocating an event with their Spring Conference/Exhibition. It was
agreed that there are a number of areas for cooperation , and we would
consider some proposals, with standards being the first.


Farmer, as a member of their newly elected interim executive board,
reported that they were considering a new model for a less expensive
EurOpen, without an executive director, as follows:

National groups will pay a flat fee to EurOpen for membership. EurOpen
is now a federation of national groups, and not the members of those
national groups.

EurOpen will offer a minimal set of services to the national groups
based on this fee, e.g., a news sheet containing information about the
national groups' activities.

EurOpen ceases to organize conferences on its own, but works in
conjunction with a national group to organize a joint event.

Additional services may be purchased from EurOpen, e.g., a newsletter.

Their governing board will be considering proposals at their meeting
in May, and will vote in a new executive board.

Conference Office IP Link

Adams reported that Alternet could provide a dedicated 56K line at
below cost, which would mean a substantial savings for service. It was
agreed that since the service is donated and we would be paying Pacific 
Bell directly for line charges, there is no conflict of interest, and
we should accept this donation of service.


It was agreed to appropriate $10,000 for additional investigation of
the finances of SUG with an eye towards acquisition of assets. The
Treasurer should report at the March meeting on a financial plan for
acquisition, and, in addition, the President and Executive Director
would look into presenting a plan for staffing and management, as well
as a vision of services to be rendered by the acquired organization.
It was also agreed to appropriate $25,000 to create a new budget
category for "mergers and acquisitions." 

International Outreach

Grob and Shein formed a committee to look into making proposals for
doing more outreach internationally.

Other Business

Adams pointed out that 32% of our membership revenue is foreign.
Johnson suggested that we might want to offer a lifetime membership

Next Meeting

It was decided to hold the next meeting March 20, in San Francisco,
alongside UniForum, and Young would try to arrange a social event
with the UniForum Board as well.

			  SCO's Case Against IBM

November 12, 2003 - Jed Boal from Eyewitness News KSL 5 TV provides an
overview on SCO's case against IBM. Darl McBride, SCO's president and CEO,
talks about the lawsuit's impact and attacks. Jason Holt, student and 
Linux user, talks about the benefits of code availability and the merits 
of the SCO vs IBM lawsuit. See SCO vs IBM.

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