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Subject: Usenix Institutional Representative to POSIX
Date: 8 Dec 1992 07:16:43 GMT
Organization: University of California, Berkeley
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Sender: Marshall Kirk McKusick
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Keywords: Usenix, POSIX, TCOS, Institutional Representative

	      A Changing of the Guard for the
	Usenix Institutional Representative to POSIX

At its Fall meeting, the USENIX Board of Directors authorized funds
for 1993 for an Institutional Representative (IR) to the IEEE
Computer Society Technical Committee on Operating Systems (TCOS).

The USENIX IR has two basic responsibilities. First, to be an
informed participant representing the USENIX membership in the
POSIX activities.  Being an informed participant requires attending
POSIX meetings, reading the mailings, and discussing and soliciting
input about the activities from technical experts and the USENIX

The second task is to feed information about the POSIX activities
back to the USENIX membership.  This feedback is done through the
snitch reports that appear after each POSIX meeting in comp.std.unix
and in this newsletter.  Through these reports, USENIX provides
critical information to both its members and other interested
individuals worldwide.

Peter Collinson has held the IR post for the past two years.  While
he has been active in the UNIX community for many years, Peter was
new to the POSIX community.  It took him relatively little time,
however, to quickly become  immersed in the politics of POSIX and
begin making significant contributions both at the meetings and in
the subsequent reports to USENIX.  Two years hence (and six trips
annually from England to POSIX and Usenix meetings in the United
States), Peter has indicated his desire to step down at the end of
this year.  Peter's contributions have been highly valued, and I
am sure he will be missed by the POSIX community.  He brought a
useful focus on ``reality'' at times when many folks were caught
up in what is best characterized as ``religious zeal''.

Last summer, the USENIX Board of Directors formed a subcommittee
with Peter Collinson's assistance to search for candidates.  We
are pleased to announce that the IR position has been offered to
Jeffrey Haemer, of Canary Software, Inc., Boulder, Colorado, and
he has accepted.

Jeff has been involved with standards and Usenix for many years.
He served as the Usenix watchdog editor writing, coordinating, and
editing articles about UNIX-related standards activities for USENIX.
He has also attended POSIX meetings on and off since their inception.
Jeff has lectured on standards, portability, internationalization,
and open systems at shows and conferences that include USENIX, 6th
Annual Berkeley Developer's Conference, Sun Expo, IEEE's CompCon,
and the First and Second Gulf UNIX Conferences (in Kuwait, before
and after the war).

Besides his duties at POSIX meetings, you will see him at USENIX
conferences, where he will coordinate the Standard BOFs, discuss
standards issues with our membership, recruit and instruct snitches,
and work with the snitch editor (Stephen Walli) in publishing the

Jeff will be attending the four IEEE POSIX meetings in 1993.  He
can be reached via email: or by phone:  +1-303-494-0924.
Welcome aboard Jeff!

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From: (Peter Salus)
Subject: Re: Usenix Institutional Representative to POSIX
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Keywords: Usenix, POSIX, TCOS, Institutional Representative
Sender: (Mr USENET himself)
Organization: The Sun User Group
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Date: Tue, 15 Dec 1992 16:12:27 GMT
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As a standards buff who also writes a column on standards, 
I'd like to welcome Jeff Haemer to the IR post.  While 
he may think he's aware of what he's getting into, he 
doesn't really.  But he is a superb choice and will be 
an appropriate successor to Peter Collinson.

I'd like to express my personal appreciation to Peter 
for his work over the past two years.  More importantly, 
I think we should all be grateful to USENIX for funding 
this effort.

The USENIX IR has a unique position within the TCOS standards
community:  he stands above the vendor-driven fray as a true
representative of the technical community.

Again, a welcome to Jeff and a bouquet apiece to Peter 
and the USENIX Board.


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