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Subject: POSIX.0: The Guide to Open Systems Environments
Date: 9 Sep 1992 14:30:15 -0700
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USENIX Standards Watchdog Committee
Stephen R. Walli <>, Report Editor
POSIX.0: The Guide to Open Systems Environments

Kevin Lewis <> reports on the July 13-17,
1992 meeting in Chicago, IL:

First, let me indulge in some self-aggrandizement before going into
the details about the POSIX.0 work.  A little over a year ago, I
projected that the guide document would be going into formal ballot in
July 1992.  (I am the co- chair of the working group and have a stake
in this!) As of the writing of this report, July 16, 1992, the POSIX.0
guide has been sent out for formal ballot by the IEEE.  I must add
that this would not have been possible without a core of dedicated
people within the group, acting as section leaders.

As for the work of this group at the July meeting in Chicago, there
were two major areas of activity.  The first was the development of
the Guide document rationale.  The rationale captures the group's
memory on those issues it felt were significant and which it felt
might surface during the formal ballot process.  The audiences for
this document will be the section leaders to assist them during ballot
resolution, and future members of the working group who might need to
understand the thinking of the group on these issues.

This document was completed during the meeting and will be available
to the group prior to the October meeting in Utrecht during which the
group will be resolving ballots.

The other major area of activity were discussions around the group's
co-ordination with other standards organizations at the ISO level.
The group is specifically concerned with WG15, the WG15 Rapporteur
Group for Coordination of Profile Activities (RGCPA), and SC22.  We
have formally requested that the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG)
to WG15 seek review and comment of the formal ballot draft by WG15 and
SC22.  In addition, we asked the TAG to notify the WG15 RGCPA that
several members of POSIX.0 would like to participate in their Utrecht
meeting in October.  The formal ballot draft, along with a cover
letter highlighting questions for consideration during the review, was
passed to the TAG.

Finally, for those who are interested, the POSIX.0 Ballot Group
composition is:
         |      Class         Number   Percentage|
         | Academic                3        3.49%|
         | General Interest       23       26.74%|
         | Producer               24        27.91|
         | user                   36       41.86%|
         | Total                  86         100%|

We've gotten over the first two hurdles of establishing a balanced
ballot group and getting our document out on time.  Stay tuned to find
out what the response is....

Volume-Number: Volume 29, Number 23

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