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Subject: USENIX 1992 Summer Conference Proceedings Now Available
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Date: 26 Jun 92 20:13:43 GMT
Organization: USENIX Association, Berkeley, CA
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If you couldn't join us in San Antonio, the proceedings from the
USENIX 1992 Summer Conference are now available.  The price is $23
for members, and $30 for non-members, and includes domestic and
Canadian postage.  Please add $14 for overseas postage (air printed

You can place your order by fax, email or phone by using a VISA or
Mastercard, or you can mail a check or company purchase order to the 
address below.

USENIX Association                           
2560 Ninth Street, Suite 215                
Berkeley, CA  94710
phone: (510)528-8649
fax: (510)548-5738

                  The USENIX Association Staff


			  JUNE 8-12, 1992


THREADS      Session Chair:  David Nichols, Xerox PARC

Implementing Lightweight Threads
     D. Stein, D. Shah, SunSoft Inc.

Beyond Multiprocessing:  Multithreading the System V Release 4
     J.R. Eykholt, S.R. Kleiman, S. Barton, R. Faulkner, D. Stein,
     M. Smith, A. Shivalingiah, J. Voll, M. Weeks, D. Williams,
     SunSoft Inc.

File System Multithreading in System V Release 4 MP
     J. Kent Peacock, Intel Multi-Processor Consortium

PERFORMANCE ART      Session Chair:  Margo Seltzer, University of 
                     California, Berkeley

The Recovery Box: Using Fast Recovery to Provide High Availability
in the UNIX Environment
     Mary Baker, Mark Sullivan, University of California, Berkeley

On Migrating a Distributed Application to a Multithreaded Environment
     Thuan Q. Pham, Pankaj K. Garg, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories

Cheap Mutual Exclusion
     William Moran Jr., Swiss Bank Corp. Investment Banking, Farnam 
     Jahanian, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

APPLICATIONS      Session Chair:  Jim Thompson, Smallworks, Inc.

TDBM: A DBM Library With Atomic Transactions
     Barry Brachman, Gerald Neufeld, Dept. of Computer Science,
     University of British Columbia

VNS Retriever:  Querying MEDLINE over the Internet
     Kevin Brook Long, Gerald Fowler, Stan Barber, Baylor College of

InterNetNews: Usenet Transport for Internet Sites
     Rich Salz, Open Software Foundation


VIRTUALITY      Session Chair:  Kenneth Ingham, Kenneth Ingham 

Tiled Virtual Memory for UNIX
     James W. Franklin, Kodak Electronic Printing Systems

A Scalable Implementation of Virtual Memory HAT Layer for Shared 
Memory Multiprocessor Machines
     Ramesh Balan, Kurt Gollhardt, UNIX System Laboratories, Inc.

Virtual Window Systems: A New Approach to Supporting Concurrent
Heterogeneous Windowing Systems
     Rita Pascale, Jeremy Epstein, TRW Systems Division

PLANNING FOR FAILURE     Session Chair:  A. Elein Mustain, Ingres

A Discipline of Error Handling
     Doug Moen

Regression Testing and Conformance Testing Interactive Programs
     Don Libes, NIST

NED: The Network Extensible Debugger
     Paul Maybee, Solbourne Computer, Inc.

PERFORMANCE &  AVAILABILITY      Session Chair:  Keith Bostic, CSRG, 
                                 University of California, Berkeley

The Continuous Media File System
     David P. Anderson, Ramesh Govindan, University of California, 
     Berkeley, Yoshitomo Osawa, Sony Corporation

Mainframe Services from Gigabit-Networked Workstations
     J-P Baud, C. Boissat, F. Cane, F. Hemmer, E. Jagel, A. Kumar, 
     G. Lee, B. Panzer-Steindel, L. Robertson, B. Segal, A. Trannoy,
     I. Zacharov,  CERN - Computing & Networking Division

A Highly Available Lock Manager For HA-NFS
     Anupam Bhide, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Spencer Shepler, 
     IBM Austin


CPP: THREAT OR MENACE?      Session Chair:  Judith E. Grass, AT&T Bell

#ifdef Considered Harmful or Portability Experience With C News
     Henry Spencer, Zoology Computer Systems, University of Toronto,
     Geoff Collyer, Software Tool & Die

Incl: A Tool to Analyze Include Files
     Kiem-Phong Vo, Yih-Farn Chen, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Large Scale Porting through Parameterization
     David Tilbrook, Russell Crook, Siemens Nixdorf Information Systems

SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION      Session Chair:  Guy Harris, Auspex Systems, 

Performance of a Parallel Network Backup Manager
     James da Silva, Olafur Gudmundsson, Daniel Mosse, University of 

The DIDS (Distributed Intrusion Detection System) Prototype
     Steven R. Snapp, Stephen E. Smaha, Haystack Laboratories, Inc.,
     Daniel M. Teal, Tim Grance, United States Air Force Cryptologic
     Support Center

A Privilege Mechanism for System V Release 4 Operating Systems
     Charles Salemi, Eric Lund, Suryakanta Shah, UNIX System 
     Laboratories, Inc.

MISCELLANY      Session Chair:  Margo Seltzer, University of California,

TCP/IP and OSI Interoperability with the X Window System
     Nancy Crowther, Joyce Graham, IBM Cambridge Scientific Center


The USENIX Association is a not-for-profit membership organization 
of those individuals and institutions with an interest in UNIX and 
UNIX like systems and by extension, C++, X windows, and other 
programming tools.  It is dedicated to fostering and communicating the 
development and communication of research and technological 
information and ideas pertaining to advanced computing systems.

The Association sponsors twice yearly general conferences accompanied 
by vendor displays, frequent mini-conferences and workshops devoted to 
a single topic; publishes proceedings of those meetings; publishes a 
bimonthly newsletter, login:; produces quarterly a technical journal,
Computing Systems (published by the University of California Press); 
co-publishes books with The MIT Press; and distributes 4.3BSD manuals 
2.10BSD tapes.  The Association also actively participates in and 
reports on the activities of various ANSI, IEEE and ISO standards 

The Association was formed in 1975 and incorporated in 1980 to meet the 
needs of UNIX users and system maintainers who convened periodically 
to discuss problems and exchange ideas concerning UNIX.  It is governed
by a Board of Directors elected biennially.

There are five classes of membership in the Association, differentiated
primarily by the fees paid and services provided.

For further information about membership, conferences or publications,
contact us at the address above.

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