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 Zee Zaballos
 The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
 TEL: 408/427-7156
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         Latest version of SCO's integrated open systems environment
                            for 386/486 platforms

SANTA CRUZ, CA (May 20, 1992) SCO today announced that it is
accepting orders for SCO Open Desktop Release 2.0, the latest version of its
advanced, integrated operating environment for industry-standard 386/486
desktop workstations and multifunctional servers.

First introduced in January 1990, SCO Open Desktop combines the collective
power of the SCO UNIX System, an advanced graphical user interface,
networking, and DOS services in a unified, open systems environment.

For the past two years SCO has been working closely with corporate and
government customers to refine SCO Open Desktop into today's proven,
production-ready, advanced operating environment. As a result, Release 2.0
offers an unprecedented combination of power, ease of use, and open systems
standards for the business market.

Scott McGregor, vice president and general manager of SCO's Product Business
Unit, said, ``Although other vendors have announced plans for advanced 32-bit
operating system products, only SCO Open Desktop on the Intel platform has
already long proven itself in real-world installations at major corporations and
government agencies. Release 2.0 enables the Intel platform to compete even
more effectively in high-end, corporate mission-critical environments previously
dominated by proprietary workstations and mid-range, multifunctional servers.''

SCO Open Desktop provides an advanced, 32-bit, distributed client-server
platform for corporate workstations, database servers, communications
gateways, departmental servers, and standard development platforms. Large
corporations in banking, finance, manufacturing, telecommunications,
transportation, and distribution, as well as government agencies and their
contractors, are using the initial releases of SCO Open Desktop today to meet
their mission-critical and enterprise-wide computing requirements. The new
features and enhancements of Release 2.0 enable large organizations to even
more effectively integrate diverse systems, downsize their computing
operations, and access data, applications, and resources residing on remote

New Features

SCO Open Desktop Release 2.0's enhanced graphical user interface (GUI)
combines the ease of use of today's most popular desktop systems with the 32-
bit, multitasking power of the SCO UNIX System. The new GUI is based on
the X Window System Version 11 Release 4.0 (X11R4) and the industry-
standard OSF/Motif Release 1.1. The 3-D GUI features intuitive, animated,
drag-and-drop icons that make it easy for users to access and operate
applications that reside on local and remote networked systems. The new
graphical environment also features 18 tools and utilities for group and personal
productivity, including mail, paint, and a text editor, as well as comprehensive
on-line documentation.

Release 2.0 also includes new features to further expand interoperability with a
broad range of heterogeneous systems, including mainframes, minicomputers
and workstations; MS-DOS and OS/2 PCs; PC LANs; and other UNIX
workstations and servers. Enhanced TCP/IP and NFS services provide
transparent access to files and resources on diverse systems on distributed
computing networks. New support for long filenames, symbolic links, and
Network Information Services (formerly ``Yellow Pages'') makes it easier than
ever to manage files and administer the system. New network printing services
make printer resources more readily available to corporate users. SCO also
plans to support interoperability with NetWare systems on Novell LANs in
future SCO Open Desktop releases.

Improved DOS services in Release 2.0 include MS-DOS 5.0, with full-screen
support for Microsoft Windows 3.0, as well as support for multiple DOS
partitions larger than 32 Mbytes and national language.

Simplified Installation

SCO has enhanced Release 2.0 for simplified installation of SCO Open Desktop.
In addition, an intelligent upgrade package enables users of the current SCO
Open Desktop release to upgrade their systems while preserving their existing
data and hardware configurations.

An Industry-Standard Operating Environment

The foundation of SCO Open Desktop Release 2.0 is SCO UNIX System
V/386 Release 3.2 Version 4.0, the leading UNIX System for standard 386/486
computers. Version 4.0 provides customers with greater power, operational
flexibility, and freedom of choice than ever before available in a packaged
UNIX System.

With SCO Open Desktop Release 2.0, customers can choose from hundreds of
vendors and thousands of interchangeable components to design system
configurations that precisely meet their requirements. SCO Open Desktop
supports more than 6,000 UNIX System applications worldwide, including more
than 300 graphical applications, plus tens of thousands of MS-DOS and
Microsoft Windows applications. Release 2.0 also supports more than 200
computer systems, including 17 multiprocessor systems, as well as 800

This new release also delivers the advanced functionality of high-end
workstation and server systems on cost-effective, widely available Intel
platforms. For scalability to larger servers, Release 2.0 supports 512 Mbytes of
RAM, unlimited SCSI host bus adapters, and disk drives larger than 1.2
Gbytes. In addition, Release 2.0 can be combined with Release 2.0 of the SCO
MPX multiprocessor extension to support up to 30 processors. SCO Open
Desktop can deliver the performance of high-end corporate workstations by
supporting a broad selection of today's most advanced peripherals, including
high-performance video adapters, 32-bit networking cards, SCSI host bus
adapters, and many specialty devices.

SCO Open Desktop Release 2.0 complies with all key open systems standards,
providing corporations and government agencies with greater applications
portability, investment protection, and efficiency in software development. To
support source-level applications portability, Release 2.0 is branded for
compliance with the X/Open XPG3 standard and certified for compliance with
IEEE POSIX 1003.1 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
In addition, Release 2.0 complies with Issue 2 of the Intel Binary Compatibility
Specification (iBCS-2) to support binary applications compatibility between open
systems platforms.


The SCO Open Desktop Release 2.0 product family includes the SCO Open
Desktop Personal System, the SCO Open Desktop Server System, and the SCO
Open Desktop Development System. SCO is now accepting orders for all three
products, available on CD-ROM, cartridge tape, or 5.25" and 3.5" diskettes,
through SCO's North American and international distribution channels. The
SCO Open Desktop Release 2.0 Personal System and the SCO Open Desktop
Release 2.0 Server System will be available on tape media on June 19, with
other products and media available shortly thereafter.

Prices vary with product and choice of media. U.S. list price for CD-ROM is
$1,295 for the SCO Open Desktop 2.0 Personal System, $2,495 for the SCO
Open Desktop Release 2.0 Server System, and $1,595 for the SCO Open
Desktop Release 2.0 Development System. Until the end of the year,
customers who purchase SCO Open Desktop Release 1.1 after May 1, 1992
qualify for a free CD- ROM update to SCO Open Desktop Release 2.0. Tape
and floppy media are available for a nominal charge.

The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. (SCO) is a privately held company recognized
internationally as the business choice for open systems software. SCO's wide
range of UNIX System software solutions for 386/486 computers includes SCO
Open Desktop, the SCO UNIX Operating System, and the SCO MPX
multiprocessor extension, plus interoperability software, development tools,
and comprehensive consulting, training and support services. To date, SCO has
shipped over 600,000 UNIX Systems more than any other vendor and
fields one of the largest UNIX System technical teams in the world. Founded
in 1979, SCO maintains corporate business and development headquarters in
Santa Cruz, California, London, and Toronto, and major regional offices in
Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Mexico City, Milan, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo,
and throughout the U.S.

                                    # # #

SCO, The Santa Cruz Operation, Open Desktop, SCO MPX, and ``The Business
Choice'' are registered trademarks or trademarks of The Santa Cruz Operation,
Inc.  in the U.S.A.  and other countries.  All other brand or product names
are or may be trademarks of, and are used to identify products or services of,
their respective owners.

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