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Date: Wed, 20 May 1992 20:37:08 GMT
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                         PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT

May 20, 1992 ... The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. (SCO) is now accepting
orders for Release 2.0 of the SCO Open Desktop Personal System for 386
and 486  computers based  on  Industry  Standard  Architecture  (ISA),
Extended Industry  Standard  Architecture  (EISA),  or  Micro  Channel
Architecture (MCA).  Upgrades for  users of earlier versions will also
be available. Product and availability information follow:

PRODUCT NAME:  SCO Open Desktop Personal System

DESCRIPTION: The  SCO Open  Desktop Personal  System  is  an  advanced
  operating system  that combines  the collective power of a graphical
  UNIX System,  networking services,  and DOS  interoperability in  an
  integrated environment  for corporate workstation platforms. The SCO
  Open Desktop  Personal System  provides the foundation for powerful,
  32-bit, distributed  client/server computing  when maximum power and
  communication capabilities  are required  on the  desktop. SCO  Open
  Desktop's built-in support for multiple network configurations gives
  desktop  users   ready  access   to  a  wide  variety  of  networked
  information systems.  In addition  to access  to remote information,
  SCO Open Desktop also provides an intuitive graphical user interface
  (GUI), built  on the  OSF/Motif 1.1  and X  Window System Version 11
  Release 4  (X11R4) standards,  that enables  users  to  display  and
  control both local and remote programs. The system includes a number
  of personal productivity and groupware accessories and controls.

  Release 2.0  of the  SCO Open  Desktop Personal  System brings  new,
  advanced features,  enhanced ease  of use, improved interoperability
  and DOS  services, higher  capacity, and  simplified installation to
  the proven  SCO Open  Desktop integrated  open systems  environment.
  With the  SCO Open  Desktop Personal  System  Release  2.0  Upgrade,
  existing SCO  Open Desktop  Release 1.1  users can  easily  move  to
  Release  2.0,   which  provides   significant  enhancements  to  the
  graphical environment  as well as to the underlying SCO UNIX System.
  The new  graphical environment  takes advantage  of  object-oriented
  concepts, including  a fully integrated set of desktop applications,
  called user  accessories  and  controls,  and  an  improved  desktop
  manager. The  core SCO  UNIX System  has also been improved to offer
  greater capacity  with support for 512 Mbytes of memory and multiple
  SCSI devices,  support for  symbolic links  and long  filenames, and
  many other enhancements.
PRICING: Contact your SCO supplier.

AVAILABILITY:  First  customer  shipments  of  the  SCO  Open  Desktop
  Personal System Release 2.0 and the SCO Open Desktop Personal System
  Release 2.0 Upgrades are anticipated in June, 1992.


  - Enhanced Ease  of Use:  SCO Open  Desktop's  integrated  graphical
    environment (built  on IXI's  X.desktop 3.0,  OSF/Motif  1.1,  and
    X11R4) includes  an improved  object-oriented interface with a new
    set of icons, a hypertext help system, and full integration of the
    drag-and-drop metaphor,  plus the  following personal productivity
    and groupware accessories and controls:

         - SCOmail           - SCOclock          - preferences
         - SCOhelp           - SCOcolor          - load
         - SCOedit           - SCOsession        - calculator
         - SCOpaint          - SCOmouse          - find
         - SCOterm           - SCOlock           - MS-DOS
         - SCOprint          - SCOadmin          - SCO UNIX System
         - SCOlogin

  - Improved DOS  Services: Release  2.0 expands  SCO Open Desktop's
    ability to  interoperate with  diverse  computing  environments,
    including full compatibility with new MS-DOS applications:

    - Includes MS-DOS 5.0
    - Supports Microsoft Windows 3.0 (and Windows 3.1 in the future)
    - Supports multiple DOS partitions larger than 32 Mbytes
    - National language support

  - Improved Interoperability:  Networking services  include the new
    Release 1.2 of SCO TCP/IP and SCO NFS, and now support:

    - Long filenames
    - Symbolic links
    - Network printing
    - Network Information Services (NIS, formerly Yellow Pages)
    - SNMP MIB II Agent
    - Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)

  - Higher  Capacity:   Release  2.0   now   supports   larger   SCO

    - Supports 512 Mbytes of RAM
    - Supports unlimited SCSI host bus adapters
    - Supports disk drives larger than 1.2 Gbytes
    - Supports SCO MPX Release 2.0

  - Simplified  Installation:   Improvements  to   installation  and
    administration include:

    - Intelligent upgrade from Release 1.1
    - All configuration questions asked up front
    - Automatic configuration for specific hardware
    - Reduced installation time

  - Improved Documentation: Release 2.0 includes an online, hypertext,
    graphical documentation system; easy-to-use manuals and tutorials;
    and shorter, more concise documents.

  - Integrated  environment   --  SCO   UNIX  System,   GUI,  personal
    productivity  and   groupware  accessories,   advanced  networking
    services, and MS-DOS services

  - Advanced, networked,  graphical user  interface with 18 integrated
    desktop user accessories and controls
  - Interoperable with  multivendor networked systems including MS-DOS
    and Windows  systems, UNIX  Systems, workstations,  minicomputers,
    mainframes, and more

  - Robust, 32-bit, multitasking Version 4.0 of the SCO UNIX Operating

  - Runs MS-DOS,  Windows 3.0,  XENIX, UNIX  System, SCO Open Desktop,
    and distributed X Window System applications

  - Supports  international,   government,  and   de  facto   software
    standards,   plus   industry-standard   hardware   platforms   and

  System            Version 4.0 of the SCO UNIX System V/386
  Services:         Release 3.2 Operating System (single-user license)

  Graphical         Personal Productivity and Groupware Accessories
  Environment:      X desktop Desktop Manager (IXI X.desktop 3.0)
                    OSF/Motif Window Manager (OSF/Motif 1.1)
                    X Window System (X11R4)

  Networking        TCP/IP via Ethernet, Token-Ring, SLIP, and PPP
  Services:         NFS and NIS
                    LAN Manager Client

  MS-DOS Services:  MS-DOS 5.0 license with full MS-DOS-UNIX System

  User's Guide
  System Administrator's Guide
  Personal System Release Notes
  Installation and Update Guide
  Hardware Configuration Guide
  Graphical Environment Administrator's Guide
  Online documentation

  Hardware:         Any 386 or 486 computer based on Industry Standard
                    Architecture (ISA), Extended Industry Standard
                    Architecture (EISA), or Micro Channel Architecture

  Media:            CD-ROM, 60-Mbyte QIC-24 tape, or 3.5" or 5.25"

  Display:          Monochrome, VGA, Super VGA, XGA, and higher-
                    resolution megapixel adapters (support for 16,
                    256, 32K, and 64K colors)

  Mouse:            Bus or serial

  Network:          3Com, Western Digital, IBM Token-Ring, and other
                    leading boards

  RAM:              8 Mbytes (minimum)
                    12 Mbytes (recommended)

  Disk Space:       120 Mbytes (includes approximately 20 Mbytes of
                    online documentation)

  SCO Open  Desktop Server  System: The integrated open systems server
  environment for heterogeneous client/server computer

  SCO Open  Desktop Development  System: The foundation for developing
  advanced networked graphical applications

  SCO Open Desktop Supplementary Documentation: A set of documentation
  for advanced users and system administrators

  SCO MPX  Release 2.0:  The performance  extension for multiprocessor
  SCO Systems

 A  single packaged  SCO Open Desktop Personal System product now
 supports all  three standard  system architectures:  Micro  Channel,
 ISA, and  EISA. 
 The  SCO Open  Desktop  Personal  System  Upgrade  is  primarily
 designed to  take users of previous SCO Open Desktop Personal System
 releases to the Release 2.0 level. Each Upgrade consists of complete
 media  distribution  and  documentation.  The  Release  2.0  Upgrade
 performs an intelligent, in-place upgrade on Release 1.1 systems, or
 may be  used to perform full re-installation of Release 1.0 systems.
 Users may  upgrade their diskette-based systems to cartridge-tape or
 CD-ROM  distribution.   Cartridge-tape
 distribution requires a 3.5" 135tpi or 5.25" 96tpi floppy disk drive
 plus QIC-02  or SCSI  tape controller  and drive capable of handling
 60-Mbyte QIC-24  tape format. To install the Upgrade, customers must
 use their previous Activation Keys and Serial Numbers.

 Standalone  documentation sets,  as well  as  upgrades  to  take
 existing UNIX  System V  or SCO XENIX System V users to the SCO Open
 Desktop Personal  System, will  also be  made available.
 For  reproduction pricing   information  on the SCO Open Desktop
 Personal System  Release  2.0  Upgrade,  contact  the  SCO  Products
 Business Unit.
SCO, Open  Desktop, SCO  MPX,  SCO  SoftTech,  and  SCO  SoftCare  are
trademarks, registered  trademarks, or service marks of The Santa Cruz
Operation, Inc.  in the U.S.A. and other countries. All other brand or
product names  are or  may be  trademarks of, and are used to identify
products or services of, their respective owners.

The Santa  Cruz Operation, Inc. reserves the right to change or modify
any of the product specifications or features described herein without
notice. This  product summary  is for  information only.  SCO makes no
express or implied representations or warranties in this summary.

All references to the SCO UNIX Operating System or the SCO UNIX System
refer to the SCO UNIX System V/386 Release 3.2 Operating System.

Copyright (c) 1992 The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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