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Subject: Summary of Board of Directors' Meeting
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Date: 11 Mar 92 01:23:40 GMT
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USENIX Association Board of Director's Meeting 
Below is a summary of the actions taken at the regular quarterly
meeting of the USENIX Board of Directors held at the Hilton Hotel
in San Francisco, CA on January 19, 1992.

Rick Adams, Ed Gould, Rob Kolstad, Kirk McKusick, Sharon Murrel,
Evi Nemeth, Mike O'Dell, Barry Shein, Ellie Young,  Judy DesHarnais,
Dan Klein, Eric Allman, Nawaf Bitar, Tom Christiansen, Peter Collinson,
Daniel Geer, Michel Gien, Lori Grob, Trent Hein, Steve Johnson, Sonya
Neufer, Greg Rose, Stephe Walli 

Winter '92 Conference.  Allman reported that things had gone smoothly,
and that the following worked well:  having a scribe at the program
committee meeting; providing a template for authors to provide
camera-ready papers for the proceedings; the WIPs were
strong and had expanded to two sessions; and the interaction with the
staff was good. DesHarnais reported that 1631 were pre-registered and a
higher number than normal were attending tutorial sessions only as
compared to other conferences. 

Klein reported that tutorial attendance was good with an estimated 2100
seats sold.  A discussion ensued regarding possible topics and speakers
for future tutorial offerings, as well as the appropriate level/titles.   
Mach '91 Symposium.  Young reported that 257 people attended (compared
to 197 at the previous year's workshop).  The tutorial and technical
programs were very well-received, and Alan Langerman did an excellent
job as program chair.

SEDMS III and IV.  O'Dell reported that 42 submissions were received
for the upcoming symposium, of which 19 were selected and the papers
were strong.  It was agreed to tentatively approve the proposal from
Cohn and Reiher to sponsor a fourth symposium in 1993. 

Winter '93 Conference.  It was agreed to accept Kolstad's suggestion
to conduct an experiment with this conference, where he would take on
the role of conference convener, with Dan Geer chairing the program
Summer '93 conference.  David Rosenthal agreed to serve as program

1996 Conferences.  Lower room rates were secured at the San
Diego Marriott Hotel for the Winter meeting, and the Washington, D.C.
Hilton would be the site for the Summer.
Journal Report.  O'Dell reported that the production schedule was
finally back on track, and that the first issue for 1992 (5:1) was
in typesetting and would be shipped to our members in March.  
;login:.  Kolstad reported on his efforts as editor.  He had solicited
100 people to write articles/book reviews, of which 20 were committed
for contributions in upcoming issues.  He was working with the staff
on revamping the newsletter's design and contents.   

Executive Director's Report. Young reported that the books program had
made little progress, and Marc Donner had indicated that he would no
longer have the time to be Editor.  After some discussion it was decided
that no funds would be expended on this program until Young and O'Dell
make a recommendation about the program at the next meeting. 

Standards Institutional Representative (IR)  Report.  Collinson reported
on the previous week's IEEE meeting: In response to the concern about
the number of IRs that exist and the need to control their
proliferation,  the current plan is that the 'at large' membership is
going away; 25% of the SEC membership will be allowed to be 'added' as
IRs; and an election will be held annually, replacing half the IRs.
The voters will be the SEC less the IRs.   He felt reasonably sure that
USENIX and EurOpen will be voted in.  He also gave a brief report on
the POSIX.1 group's work.  Walli reported that a lot of work is badly
coordinated at these meetings, but it is being done.  He felt the
snitch reports are doing well, and there is a lot of interest in
reporting the real work on POSIX. 

Policies.  Various proposals concerning the policies document were
adopted, and in particular:  institute a student registration fee
for the smaller meetings at $75.00; fees for all workshops/symposia
(events with 2 days of tech sessions) be the following:  $225 for
a pre-registered member; $290 non-member; $75 student.
SIGs.  Adams reported that he has a document that is based on some
ACM material.  He proposed that we form a SIG committee which reports
to the Board and makes recommendations.  The first task of this
committee would be to work on language/wording of his draft document,
and present recommendations at the next meeting.  A committee of
Kolstad, Adams, Geer, and O'Dell was formed. 

Software Distribution Tape.  Kolstad handed out a CD-ROM of free
software compiled by Rich Morin, who had several suggestions about
distributing it to our members. It was decided to suggest to Morin that
the Association might provide advertising for the CD-ROM in exchange
for providing a discount to our members to purchase it. 

Report from EurOpen.  Gien reported that EurOpen is looking into
offering educational seminars, which would bring people up to speed on
an advanced topic.  Nemeth would look into having USENIX participate in
this.  Kolstad and Young agreed to continue exchanging ideas about each
group's publications with Gien.  

World Forum.  Shein said he had discussed this topic with EurOpen, who
saw the World Forum as a way to coordinate events, standards activities,
and tutorials. Gien explained that World Forum is presently just an
idea, and will act as a formalized mechanism for the dissemination of
information between its individual member organizations/associations.
Shein felt that maybe we should get involved, gather objections, poll
the Board, and come back to World Forum with a compromise on their
previous request for us to join.  A long discussion ensued regarding
why USENIX should be involved and what were the benefits.  It was
decided that Johnson, Young, Nemeth, O'Dell and Shein would attend the
World Forum meeting on Tuesday and report back to the Board at the next
Next Meeting.  It was decided to hold it at the  Pike's Peak Conference
Center in Colorado Springs on March 30 and 31 with Boulder as a backup.
Johnson, Kolstad, Gould and Young would work on the agenda for this

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