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Subject: Summary of Board of Directors Meeting
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Date: 14 Jan 92 23:45:05 GMT
Organization: Usenix Association Office, Berkeley
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USENIX Association Board of Directors' Meeting 
Below is a summary of the actions taken at the regular quarterly 
meeting of the USENIX Board of Directors held at Berkeley, CA,
on Oct 12, 1991.

Attendance: Rick Adams, Ed Gould, Rob Kolstad, Kirk McKusick, Sharon
Murrel, Evi Nemeth, Mike O'Dell, Barry Shein, Ellie Young, Doug Nielson,
Judy DesHarnais, Eric Allman

1991 Budget 

Young remarked that the estimated year-end deficit was a lot less than
previously projected.  The exhibit manager's efforts in keeping the
Nashville exhibition costs down, and the high enrollment at the LISA
and Mach Conferences were significant factors in helping to reduce 
the deficit.  

1992 Preliminary Budget 

McKusick felt that we should postpone discussion on ways to reduce the
projected deficit until attendance figures for the Winter '92 conference
and estimates for events next Fall are known. It was decided that the
organization should budget to increase the reserve by $150,000 a year
for each of the next 5 years. 

Funding & Fee Proposals 

Standards Institutional Representative and Snitch Editor.  It  was
decided to accept Peter Collinson's proposals for funding IR and Snitch
Editor activities in 1992.

ISO Monitor Representative.  McKusick explained that Dominic Dunlop
would be stepping down from this position at the end of the year.
EurOpen would like to continue with the joint appointment and had
completed a candidate search.  It was decided that collaborative efforts
were made, and that EurOpen did due diligence in finding a replacement
for Dunlop. Stephe Walli's application to be the ISO WG15 Monitor
representative for USENIX/EurOpen was accepted.

Membership Dues and Conference Fees.  It was agreed that we set dues at:
Individual:  $65; Student $20; Supporting: $1,000; Educational:  $165; 
Corporate:  $300; and that conference registration fees be raised to
$255 for members and $320 for non-members.
Conference Revenue Protection Insurance.  It was agreed that the 
Association regularly purchase conference revenue insurance.


Adams reported that UUNET had paid off the last of its loan from USENIX
and there were no fiduciary or legal ties.  

World Forum 

It was decided that while the proposal from UniForum for USENIX to join 
the World Forum group was an interesting concept, that a more
substantive proposal is needed before a decision can be made.

Winter '92 Conference 

Allman reported that things were going well.  The program committee
had received 104 submissions, of which 35 were accepted.  He spent a lot
of time editing the feedback to authors.

Summer '92 Conference 

Adams reported on his program committee, and said he had tried to have
people who had not previously served.  He stressed the need for
stronger coordination of the tutorials, invited talks, and refereed
programs.   A proposal to have some participation by vendors at this
conference was accepted.  
LISA '91 Conference 

A written report from Elizabeth Zwicky was discussed.  Kolstad reported 
that the attendance had been extraordinary (513 total, with 197 from
California), and the unique tutorial offering with 7 instructors had
been well-received.  The program committee had put in a lot of work and
were instrumental in making the conference successful. 

Proposals to Chair LISA '92 Conference 

From the five proposals received, it was decided to accept the one from
Trent Hein with some modifications, and that he chair the 1992 LISA

Proposal to Chair UNIX Security Symposium 

It was decided to accept the proposal from Edward DeHart that USENIX
sponsor a UNIX Security Symposium in cooperation with CERT in the Fall
of 1992. 

Proposal to Chair File Systems Workshop 

The proposal from Peter Honeyman to sponsor a File Systems Workshop in
Ann Arbor in May 1992 was accepted. 

Other Business 

It was decided to seek an institutional membership exchange with the
nascent Internet Society.  Adams proposed putting one rack of IP
equipment in the USENIX executive office, thereby providing USENIX with
a more reliable and free Internet connection.  The Board was favorable
to this suggestion as it represented the continuing cooperative spirit
between UUNET and USENIX. 
Next Meeting 

It was decided that the first day of the regular Board of Directors 
meeting be held on Sunday, January 19 in San Francisco, California, and
if a second day is needed it would be scheduled on January 20.  The
Open Meeting with the Board of Directors and Candidates Forum will be
scheduled on Tuesday, January 21 from 8:00-10:00 p.m. at the Hilton

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