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Concerning the discussion about the LaTeX project fund at the
end of the last year I'll distribute the paper, which was
presented at the TUG board meeting in Boston.

The TUG board agreed in the importance of this project and
decided as a support to build this fund.

The sole purpose of the fund is to raise the money needed for
the expenses as described in the paper (see below).

By now the project has reached a state where it can and should
be discussed in a wider audience. Therefore the project group
decided to give public access to its discussion list.

This list is intended for discussion of the LaTeX3 project.
It's not thought for questions about LaTeX problems. These
should be directed to the standard discussion lists like
Info-TeX, TeX-Euro, ...

To subscribe to the LATEX-L discussion list send the command

            SUB LATEX-L Firstname Familyname

to your nearest LISTSERV.

I urge everyone to support this project, because the
development of a new LaTeX is very important.

Season greetings
Joachim Lammarsch
(TUG Vice-President for DANTE,
     IBM VM/CMS Site Coordinator)

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Subject: latex-project-fund.tex

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\section{The \LaTeX3 Project Fund}
\subsection{Frank Mittelbach\protect\\ Chris Rowley\protect\\[3pt]June 1991}

\section{Proposal to TUG BoD}
We are asking TUG to set up and administer a \LaTeX3 Project Fund.
We are also asking them
to publicize the \LaTeX3 Project and the Fund and to help in attracting
wide-ranging support for them.

More precisely, we are asking them to help us in obtaining contributions to
this \LaTeX{}3 Fund from corporations, trusts and other external sources.
Also, if they feel this is acceptable, to encourage TUG's individual and
institutional members to contribute to the Fund and to seek the
involvement and co-operation of other \TeX{} User Groups.

\section{Information for TUG BoD}
\subsection{Brief history}
The decision to produce an improved and expanded version of \LaTeX{}
was taken during the 1989 TUG conference at Stanford.  It
was the result of two meetings between Leslie Lamport and groups of \LaTeX{}
users which were followed by detailed discussions between Frank
Mittelbach and Leslie Lamport.

A further meeting between Frank and Leslie in October 1990 led to a
jointly agreed strategy for the rewrite and its relationship to the
current version.

Wider discussions have taken place about the various requirements for
the new version, and a small group has produced prototype
implementations of some parts of the system.

A request for potential test-sites has produced an encouraging

The \LaTeX3 project will produce a public-domain document preparation
system which combines the power and excellence of \TeX's typesetting
capabilities with ease of use for authors, editors and designers.

The most important principle, which is followed by the present
\LaTeX{} and will guide the new project, is the separation of generic
mark-up from visual formatting.

The major difference in the new version will be the addition of a
good interface through which designers can specify how classes of
documents should be formatted and hence set up the style files which
enable \TeX{} to typeset documents according to these specifications.

It will also contain many detailed enhancements and extensions to
cover wider classes of documents.  The code will be designed and
documented in a way that makes future maintenance and extensions

Full documentation of all parts of the system will be produced as part
of the project and we intend to ensure easy and rapid conversion to
the new version by producing and disseminating the required
information and utilities for up-grading.

We shall keep the TUG community, and especially providers of
software (both public domain and commercial), fully informed about
the progress of the project and its implications. We shall also
provide training materials and set up full training programmes for all
classes of users.

\subsection{Schedule and finance}
The technical director of the project is Frank Mittelbach and it will
be managed by him and Chris Rowley.

Work on the project has already started and it is scheduled to be
completed by mid-1993.  Since no-one is working full-time on this
project, maintenance of this schedule is to some extent dependent on
other future demands on their time.

Progress so far has been good but it is becoming clear that
maintenance of this record will depend on adequate financial support
being available for the following:

\item Timely enhancement of computer equipment and software for the core
development team;
\item Essential expenses (travel, accommodation, etc) for various meetings:
of the project's core development team; with the testers; with publishers;
with designers; with suppliers of related software.

Frank Mittelbach has already received sponsorship under DEC's
European External Research Program (EERP) in the form of a hardware
grant that will provide a suitable computer.

Other members have received support from their employers in the form
of time to work on the project and/or help with expenses to attend meetings.

The following organizations are amongst the many who have already provided
support of various types:
Aston University,
EDS Electronic Data Systems,
Elsevier Science Publishers,
Open University,
Royal Military College of Science,
Southampton University,
UK \TeX{} Users Group,
Universit\"atsrechenzentrum Heidelberg.


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From: scho...@sc.ZIB-Berlin.DE (Rainer Schoepf)
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Subject: The LaTeX3 project
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Date: 16 Jan 92 18:17:10 GMT
Organization: Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum fuer Informationstechnik Berlin
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Joachim Lammarsch recently circulated a document explaining some of the
background to the setting up of a project fund for LaTeX3.

It contained a list of organisations who have made contributions of
various kinds to the project.  We are happy to be able to say that the
list has grown since June 1991, and is now as follows (apologies if we
have still missed anyone off, please let us know).

American Mathematical Society,
Aston University,
Blue Sky Research,
Digital Equipment Corporation,
EDS Electronic Data Systems,
Elsevier Science Publishers,
Nordic TeX Users Group,
Open University,
Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm,
Royal Military College of Science,
Southampton University,
TeX Users Group,
TeXpert Systems,
UK TeX Users Group,
Universit"atsrechenzentrum Heidelberg.

Ron Whitney at the TUG office tells us that there have also been a
considerable number of donations from TUG members, and that these are
still rolling in: many thanks to all those individuals.

Frank Mittelbach
Chris Rowley
Rainer Sch"opf

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