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Subject: GCC version 1.38 available
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Date: 27 Dec 90 23:40:48 GMT
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GCC version 1.38 is now released and available for anonymous ftp from
/u/emacs/gcc-1.38.tar.Z on

We now call this a released version of the compiler rather than a beta
test version.  Maintenance of version 1 will continue, but only to fix
bugs that cause clearly incorrect behavior.

Meanwhile, work on version 2 is proceeding.  Several machine
descriptions are now being updated to support instruction scheduling
and delay slot filling.  Global CSE and loop unrolling have been
implemented but remain to be merged in.

Additional machines supported include the Motorola 88000, the AMD
29000 and the IBM RT/PC and RS/6000.  Front ends for Fortran, Modula-2
and Modula-3 are being finished, while both C++ and Objective C are
already supported.

Sorry, but please don't ask when version 2 will be ready for people in
general to start testing.  We have plenty of problems to work on
without any additional testers as of now.  We will make an
announcement on info-gcc (aka gnu.gcc.announce) when we are ready
to distribute copies to the public.

For the long term, use of GCC in the United States is clouded by a
possible patent covering include files, whose existence was reported
by Usenix to its members.  It seems plausible a priori that such a
patent would be invalidated by prior art, even though applied for in
1975, but I can't really start to judge until I see the patent.  So
far I have been unable to find out the patent number--I don't know
anything about it beyond what I have stated here.

If you are concerned about the problems caused by software patents,
ask to send you more information.  If you
aren't concerned, ask to explain why the matter
calls for concern.

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Subject: [gnu.gcc.announce] GCC 1.39 released
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Date: 18 Jan 91 07:02:41 GMT
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Murphy's law has struck.  GCC 1.38 had a few bugs that were important
enough that I felt it was necessary to put out a new release now.

GCC version 1.39 is now available for anonymous ftp from
/u/emacs/gcc-1.39.tar.Z on

There will shortly be diffs in /u/emacs/gcc.diff-1.38-1.39.Z.

This version does support a few variant operating systems that were
not in version 1.38.  For example, ESIX, and the Sun 2 running
operating system version 4.

Newsgroups: gnu.gcc.announce
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From: (Richard Stallman)
Subject: GCC 1.41 now released
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Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1992 19:46:07 GMT
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You can get GCC 1.41 from pub/gnu/gcc-1.41.tar.Z on
This is a bug-fix release of GCC version 1.

Diffs from GCC 1.40 are about 300k; you can find them in

We are maintaining GCC versions 1 and 2 in parallel,
aiming for stability and reliability in version 1,
and for improvements in version 2.

Another way to get a copy of GCC (version 1 or 2) is to order a
distribution tape from the Free Software Foundation.  This is easy if
you work for an office that has a budget for software, and it is the
main source of funds for the FSF.  Lately we have not had enough
income, and we need your help to keep activities going.

To get more details on ordering tapes, ask

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From: (Richard Stallman)
Newsgroups: gnu.g++.announce,gnu.gcc.announce,comp.lang.c++
Subject: G++ 1.41.0 available
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Date: 5 Sep 92 03:50:05 GMT
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If you are using GCC 1.41 for C++, you should get G++ 1.41.0,
which is likewise available on prep.  Don't try to use G++ 1.40.*
with GCC 1.41.

There is no separate G++ distribution for GCC version 2; in version 2,
C++ support is integrated and contained in the GCC distribution.

Newsgroups: gnu.gcc.announce
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From: (Richard Stallman)
Subject: GCC 1.42 available
Message-ID: <>
Organization: GNUs Not Usenet
Distribution: gnu
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1992 01:16:47 GMT
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You can now get GCC 1.42 from /pub/gnu/gcc-1.42.tar.Z on  Diffs from 1.41 are also available, and very small,
because this release was made just to fix a handful of bugs in 1.41.

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