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Subject: groff 0.5 available
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Date: 22 Aug 90 07:39:49 GMT
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Posted: Wed Aug 22 08:39:49 1990

GNU groff version 0.5 is now available.  This version fixes quite a
few bugs, and includes many small improvements.

Groff contains the GNU versions of troff, pic, eqn, tbl and the man
macros; it also includes a PostScript driver, a driver that outputs
TeX dvi format, a driver for nroff-type devices, and enhanced versions
of the X11R4 xditview previewer and the Berkeley me macros.

Groff is written in C++ and requires a 2.0 C++ compiler such as
g++ 1.37.1.

It's available for anonymous ftp from and
semi-anonymous uucp from osu-cis as groff-0.5.tar.Z (approximately
795k).  Compressed diffs from version 0.4 are also available as
groff.diff-0.4-0.5.Z (approximately 160k).

James Clark

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