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Date: 18 Jul 89 00:10:32 GMT
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It was suggested at the Open Board Meeting in Baltimore that
the minutes of the USENIX Board of Directors' meetings be
posted on  Below are the revised minutes
of the April '89 meeting.  They could not be published sooner
since they are approved at the following Board meeting.
These minutes do not include information from the Board's 
executive session nor matters concerning personnel, salaries, 
and other such non-public material.   A summary of these minutes
will appear in the July/August issue of ;login: as well.

                     USENIX Association

                Board of Directors' Meeting
                      Revised Minutes
             Short Hills, NJ, 17-18 April 1989

The  regular  quarterly  meeting  of  the  USENIX  Board  of
Directors  was  convened  at the Short Hills Hilton Hotel in
New Jersey at 9:35 a.m. on 17 April, 1989.
     Stephen C. Johnson, Treasurer
     Rob Kolstad, Secretary and Chair
     Marshall Kirk McKusick, Director
     Sharon Murrel, Director
     Michael D. O'Dell, Director
     Alan G. Nemeth, President
     John S. Quarterman, Director
     Deborah K. Scherrer, Vice President
     Judith F. DesHarnais, Conference Coordinator
     John L.  Donnelly,  Tutorial  Coordinator  and  Exhibit
     Neil P. Groundwater, Baltimore Program Chair
     Ellie Young, Acting Executive Director
Minutes of the San Diego meeting
     It was Moved by O'Dell, seconded by Johnson:  That  the
     Minutes  be  approved  as  circulated.   Passed: 7 for;
     Quarterman abstaining.
Additions and Changes to the Agenda
     The executive session was moved to later  in  the  day.
     The  FaceSaver  proposal and database report were moved
     up.   Reports  on  the  San  Diego  meeting   and   the
     Conference  office's move were added.  Murrel requested
     a discussion about the relationship between USENIX, the
     EUUG   and   European   national  groups.   Nemeth  had
     questions  regarding  Soviet   participation   at   the
     conference.   Kolstad  circulated  a proposal to fund a
     high school programming contest.  Discussions regarding
     a joint workshop with the EUUG and press relations were
     also added.
Action Items
     Kolstad ran through the list of San Diego action items.
     Most  had  been  executed  and  will  be  considered at
     various places in the Agenda.  It was pointed out  that
     Murrel  served  as  chair  of  the Elections Committee.
     Donnelly and Young will work with Kolstad on  speaker's
     bureau/professional development seminars.  Johnson will
     finish the transfer of monies into t-bills/CDs.  Nemeth
     will   devise   a  variant  of  the  futurist  contest.
     Scherrer reported  that  the  Online  Library/Index  is
     being proofed and was $9,000 under budget.

Software Management Workshop Report
     Scherrer  and  DesHarnais  reported.   There  were   80
     attendees.   The  technical  content  of the papers was
     satisfactory.  Even  though  the  keynote  speaker  and
     Bourne   did   not  show,  the  overall  evaluation  by
     attendess was good.   DesHarnais  said  it  would  most
     likely  break even. She also felt that the announcement
     was not sent to enough of the mailing list.   This  led
     to a discussion regarding methods used to publicize the
     workshops.  Young and DesHarnais will work on a plan to
     better publicize future workshops.
Future Meetings
     The Board asked that Young revise the  future  meetings
     status   report,  adding  Board  liaison  and  informal
     program chair categories.
Baltimore Conference
     Program.  Groundwater stated that 60  submissions  were
     received  and 22 papers had been accepted.  The ACM has
     asked to have  abstracts  of  the  papers.   Quarterman
     requested that problems with papers appearing elsewhere
     be added to  the  'Instructions'  for  program  chairs.
     Groundwater   reported   that   while  he  had  a  good
     committee, he  should  have  selected  it  sooner.   He
     assumed  that Evi had the production of the proceedings
     under  control.   There  was  a  discussion   regarding
     schedules  and  the  potential  problems  of having the
     review process of two conferences overlap.
     Exhibits.  Donnelly  discussed  his  revised  projected
     finances  that  did  not include a registration control
     system and did  include  adjustments  for  booth  sales
     support commissions.
     Kolstad asked for a discussion regarding the future  of
     exhibits--will  we  sell  less  booth  space.  Donnelly
     stated  that  sales  in  Baltimore  should  match   San
     Francisco.   He  feels  that  the  vendors  think we're
     important,  but  are  also  concerned  about  location.
     Future  sites  may  be  less attractive.  It was agreed
     that in future site discussions  we  should  take  into
     account having the site in a more 'technical region' of
     the country.  Donnelly also felt that our  booth  space
     charges  are  very  reasonable,  and that we should not
     raise  them  at  this  time.   It  was  suggested  that
     Donnalyn Frey publicize our exhibit network.
     Tutorials.   Donnelly  reported  that  there   are   15
     scheduled  per  day  with  lots  of  space.   There was
     general consensus that the tutorial program is  driving
     the   conferences.    Student   discounts   have   been
     instituted and are being advertised in the program  and
     on the net.
     Arrangements.  DesHarnais reported  that  the  terminal
     room  will  be  located at the Hyatt and will be open 8
     a.m. - midnight, and that Sonya Neufer will be  running
     it.   While the office had just moved she felt it would
     not affect registration.  DesHarnais described the  new
     office with its expanded phone system and FAX machine.

Revised Minutes              2                    April 1989

FaceSaver Proposal
     McKusick reported that he has been working with Katz to
     put the saved faces on UUNET. Interest is high, but the
     database needs to be updated.   The  FaceSaver  service
     proposed  for  Baltimore  would capture new and revised
     faces to update the UUNET-maintained database, and  not
     produce  an attendee list as in the past.  Labels could
     be produced for a fee,  and  this  service  would  also
     attract  more  folks to the exhibits.  Nemeth expressed
     concern about the system being connected to UUNET via a
     high   speed   modem   or   through  a  local  Ethernet
     connection.  He suggested  that  Katz  keep  copies  of
     everything.   McKusick  agreed  to oversee the project.
     Murrel asked whether we intended to do  this  at  every
     conference  and  why  wasn't  it  a  proposal to UUNET.
     There was general agreement that it is a benefit to the
     membership, it draws people into the exhibits, and that
     UUNET could not afford to finance it at this time.
     There was discussion about the  three  options  in  the
     proposal:  a  database  system with no labels; one with
     labels; and the  addition  of  a  second  face  capture
     station.   There  was  general  agreement that a second
     station would make it more accessible.  It was moved by
     Johnson,  seconded by McKusick:  To allocate $12,500 to
     the FaceSaver proposal  at  the  USENIX  Conference  in
     Baltimore,   to  be  spent  at  McKusick's  discretion.
     Passed:  5 in favor, Kolstad opposed, O'Dell and Murrel
Other Baltimore Business
     DesHarnais requested a discussion regarding shirts  and
     license  plates.   It  was  agreed that some all cotton
     golfshirts as well as blended, more inexpensive ones be
     ordered.   O'Dell requested funds be allocated to use a
     portion as thank you's, and that DesHarnais  would  use
     her  discretion  in giving away freebies.  It was moved
     by O'Dell, seconded by McKusick, to allocate $3,200  to
     give  away  USENIX  license  plates  at the conference.
     Passed:   4  in  Nemeth  opposed;  Murrel  and   O'Dell
     abstaining; Quarterman absent.
Soviet Participation
     Nemeth received a letter from a Soviet  who  needed  an
     invitation  to attend the conference in order to secure
     a visa.  It was felt that was no legal  reason  not  to
     invite him.  DesHarnais had already responded favorably
     to the request and Nemeth would do so as well.
San Diego Report
     DesHarnais reported that attendance  at  tutorials  was
     93%.   Her  original  projections were also much lower.
     It was felt that the  conference  worked  well  without
     UNIFORUM.   There  was  good  tutorial  meeting  space.
     DesHarnais expressed her concern that future  sites  do
     not have as much tutorial space.  While there were some
     comments from attendees about the absence of  exhibits,
     there  was  overall  enthusiasm for the box lunches and
     warm location.
Washington D.C. '90
     Scherrer reported that the program committee  has  been

Revised Minutes              3                    April 1989

     formed,  and  that  Klein  wants  to  have full papers.
     There was a long discussion on how program  chairs  get
     their  papers and the problems of having quality papers
     as well as time contraints with having full papers  vs.
     extended  abstracts.   It  was  suggested  in  Allman's
     instructions that extended abstracts be used at  Winter
     conferences, and full papers (for depth) in the Summer.
     Groundwater felt that full papers allow  one  to  judge
     whether   it's   good   new  work.   O'Dell  felt  that
     proceedings  should  provide  a  timely  mechanism  for
     discussing  new work and that extended abstracts give a
     better global view of what's out there.  There was more
     discussion  on the Board's role in providing guidelines
     to chairs.  O'Dell  suggested  that  future  chairs  be
     advised  of  the  Board's  concerns  in  this  area and
     deadlines for each.  Scherrer  was  asked  to  have  an
     informal  discussion  with  Klein.  Quarterman asked if
     there was a problem with the upcoming  conference,  and
     if  so, what actions did the Board need to take. O'Dell
     asked whether the Board has to dictate the structure of
     a conference to ensure that it is successful.
     Murrel  felt  that  the  Board's  role  is  to  provide
     guidelines   on   a  conference  to  conference  basis.
     McKusick stated the bigger  issue  is  that  the  Board
     deals  with  committees and provides the only source of
     continuity conference to conference.  Nemeth  felt  the
     Board  needs  to  act  only  when  a  Chair seems to be
     failing, and  that  it  would  be  a  mistake  to  have
     absolute  deadlines.   It was generally agreed that the
     type of papers need to be decided beforehand  and  then
     inform the chair of the paper status.
     Kolstad suggested a committee be struck to  draft  some
     proposals  for  the  Board.   It was moved by Scherrer,
     seconded by Nemeth,  to  strike  a  committee  (O'Dell,
     McKusick, and Murrel as chair) to study the problem and
     make proposals regarding abstracts vs. full papers on a
     regular  schedule and report to the Board at Baltimore.
     Passed unanimously.
USENIX Room at /usr/group in D.C.
     Johnson discussed the problems with location and  cost.
     There  was  agreement that it's not a good idea at this
     point,  especially  when   both   meetings   are   held
     concurrently.   It  was  moved  by Kolstad, seconded by
     Nemeth, that we not have a USENIX room at /usr/group in
     D.C. 1990.  Passed unanimously.
Long Range Conferences
     1993 Winter Conference. DesHarnais  reported  on  three
     potential sites:
     +  Town & Country in San Diego.   An  attractive  offer
     was received but there may be a problem with renovation
     and rates needed to be capped.
     +   San  Jose  Convention  Center.   Good  rates,   but
     problems  with not enough hotels and being dependent on
     the light rail system.
     +  Disneyland Hotel at Anaheim.  Has enough  space  for
     tutorials,  and  is  under  new management.  DesHarnais
     will do a site inspection.

Revised Minutes              4                    April 1989

     The Board recommended that  DesHarnais  pursue  Town  &
     Country and Disneyland, and choose between the two.
     1993 Summer Conference.   DesHarnais  reported  on  two
     sites.  Seattle does not have enough tutorial space and
     the  hotels  are  expensive.   Cincinnati   has   great
     facilities  and prices.  McKusick gave a very favorable
     report on the site inspection.  The  Board  recommended
     that we sign a contract with Cincinnati.
     Suggestions for 1994.  DesHarnais should keep in  touch
     with  PEMCO  regarding  /usr/group's Winter site plans.
     Nemeth suggested a Bay Area location for the summer.
Future Workshops
     O'Dell suggested that we make sure that either a  Board
     member  or staffperson from the Executive office attend
     each workshop.
     +  Transaction  Processing:    Murrel   reported   that
     everything   was  on  track,  and  that  she  would  be
     attending part of it.  Young  mentioned  problems  with
     not getting all the papers from the Chair.
     + Systems Administration III:   Kolstad  reported  that
     we're  trying  an  experiment by offering two tutorials
     (by Nemeth and  Kolstad)  the  day  before  the  actual
     workshop.   Standard  tutorial  rates will apply and he
     estimated that 50 people may attend each.
     +  Distributed  Systems:   Kosltad  reported  that  the
     paperwork from the other sponsors would be forthcoming.
     The co-chairs are very active and seem to  have  things
     well under control.
     + Graphics V:   DesHarnais  has  a  contract  with  the
     DoubleTree   and   the   facilities   of  the  Monterey
     Convention Center as well.
     +  C++  '90:   Jim  Waldo  of   Apollo   has   accepted
     chairmanship.   He  has  tentatively suggested an early
     April '90 date.  Scherrer  reported  that  Waldo  would
     like a workshop format (possibly like Santa Fe), rather
     than a mini-conference.  Scherrer was asked  to  confer
     with Waldo about the possibility of enlarging it.
     Since there were very few responses to the  posting  on
     the  net for future workshop topics, it was agreed that
     individual Board members  should  actively  search  for
     future topics.
     Quarterman and Kolstad will look into a joint  workshop
     with EUUG in Systems Administration.
Future Conference Chairs
     McKusick was asked to invite Allman to be the  '92  San
     Francisco  chair;  Johnson  was asked to contact Mashey
     about his plans for  Anaheim  in  '90;  Quarterman  was
     asked  to  offer  Grob/Shore  Dallas in '91; O'Dell was
     asked to offer Adams San Antonio in '92;  Scherrer  was
     offered (and she accepted) Nashville '91.
     The following  appointments  for  Board  liaisons  were

     Anaheim '90     Johnson
     Dallas '91      Quarterman
     Nashville '91   Nemeth
     San Fran '92    McKusick

Revised Minutes              5                    April 1989

     San Antonio     O'Dell

     Alix Vasilatos was appointed informal programming chair
     for Baltimore.

Revised Minutes              6                    April 1989

Database Report and Judy's Machine
     O'Dell reported on the committee's meeting in Berkeley,
     where  a  dataflow  model  for  all  three  offices was
     presented. O'Dell said there are two problems--the long
     term  problem of the database and the short term one of
     the conference office's machine.  There  was  agreement
     that  we  need  to act immediately on the latter. There
     was a short discussion on hardware needs.  It was moved
     by  O'Dell,  seconded  by  Murrel,  that  we  authorize
     $30,000 for a machine for  the  conference  office  and
     that    the    database   committee   authorize   these
     expenditures.  Passed unanimously.
     Johnson  proposed  that  we  select  chairs  for   each
     subcommittee.  Young was asked to provide a list of the
     these.  It was decided that Scherrer will  be  replaced
     by McKusick on the database committee; McKusick will be
     in charge of the Conference  office's  machine;  O'Dell
     will chair the database committee.
Press Relations
     Johnson inquired about  the  status  of  the  editorial
     luncheon  at  Baltimore.  Young responded that Frey has
     made all the arrangements.
     It was moved that Ellie Young  be  appointed  Executive
     Director.  Passed unanimously.
     Board liaisons were appointed for  the  three  offices:
     Kolstad  for exhibits; McKusick for conference; Johnson
     for executive.
High School Computing Funding
      It was  moved  by  Kolstad,  seconded  by  Johnson  to
     authorize  $3,000  to  fund  Don  Piele's International
     Computer Problem Solving Contest.  Passed ananimously.
                    The meeting was recessed at  5:20   p.m.
                    till tomorrow
The regular meeting resumed at 9:40 a.m., Tuesday
     Quarterman reported on  the  negotiations  in  Brussels
     between    USENIX   abnd   EUUG   regarding   a   joint
     representative  to  the  ISO  SC22   WG15   ISO   POSIX
     committee.   He (for USENIX) and Michel Gien (for EUUG)
     have hired Dominic Dunlop  to  be  the  representative.
     EUUG  will contribute 4000 pounds sterling (USENIX will
     supply matching funds), and will send quarterly advance
     payments  to  USENIX.   Young was asked to work out the
     details of a contract between the parties, and to  pass
     along  information  regarding  USENIX's  activities  in
     standards to  Frey.   Quarterman  was  thanked  by  the
     Board.   Quarterman   also   reported  that  USENIX  is
     coordinating a White Paper  on  systems  administration
     for  IEEE  1003.7,  a  new  standards committee in this
     Quarterman announced that McCarron had a new job  (with
     UNIX  International)  and  no  longer  had time to edit
     USENIX Standards Watchdog committee reports.  There was
     discussion  about  making  these  reports  into another
     publication.  The Board, however, agreed that we should
     continue  to  publish these reports in ;login: and that
     Quarterman should hire someone else to do the reports.

Revised Minutes              7                    April 1989

Legal Business
     In  response  to  a  letter  from  our  attorney,   Dan
     Appelman,   the   Board   was   advised  to  amend  the
     corporation's Certificate of Incorporation to limit the
     personal   liability   of  its  directors.   The  Board
     reviewed the amendment and approved Resolution  Set  #1
     as follows:
      RESOLVED,  that  the  Board  of   Directors   of   the
      Corporation deems
     it  advisable  and  in  the  best  interests   of   the
     Corporation  that  the  Certificate of Incorporation be
     amended to add a new Article 7 eliminating the personal
     liability  of  the  directors  to the Corporation which
     shall read as follows:
     "7.   Liability  of  Directors.   No  director  of  the
     corporation   shall   be   personally  liable  to  this
     corporation or its members  for  monetary  damages  for
     breach  of  fiduciary duty as a director, except that a
     director shall be liable to the extent provided for  by
     the applicable law for (i) any breach of the director's
     duty or loyalty to the corporation or its members, (ii)
     acts  of  omissions  not in good faith or which involve
     intentional misconduct or knowing violation of law,  or
     (iii)  any transaction from which the director gains an
     improper personal benefit.   If  the  Delaware  General
     Corporation  law  is  hereafter  amended  to  authorize
     corporate action further eliminating  or  limiting  the
     personal  liability of directors, then the liability of
     a director of the corporation shall  be  eliminated  or
     limited to the fullest extent permitted by the Delaware
     General Corporate Law, as so amended."
      RESOLVED FURTHER, that the Board of Directors shall
     formally consider the adoption of the  above  amendment
     to  the  Certification of Incorporation, at its meeting
     on June 11 and June 12, 1989.  Passed unanimously.

Revised Minutes              8                    April 1989

1990 Nominating Committee
     Scherrer  reported  that  Ed  Gould  has  accepted  the
     chairmanship,  The  Board  recommended  that  he inform
     people  of  the  committee's  decision  before  it   is
UUNET Report
     O'Dell had an updated version of UUNET's finances. They
     have  also secured a line of credit to take care of the
     cash flow problem, they have moved  into  new  offices,
     and Rick Adams is now on full time as UUNET's technical
Relationship with EUUG and European National Groups
     Murrel, as the USENIx reprentative at hte EUUG  meeting
     in  Brussels, gave a report. EUUG-Publications.  Murrel
     expressed EUUG's  concern  about  the  monies  owed  to
     USENIX  for  publications  and  the confusion about the
     initial arrangements.  Young  was  instructed  to  send
     written  acknowledgements  to  Owles  Hall  each time a
     quarterly payment is received, and to make sure that  a
     discount was in effect for the proceedings shipped last
     Fall.  In the future,  we  will  continue  to  exchange
     newsletters  and  proceedings for board members, and 10
     copies of each group's newsletters will be sent to each
     office.   Young was further instructed that there would
     be no further automatic exchanges and that Philip Peake
     will  be  the  EUUG  representative  for  the  sale  of
     Relationship  with  EUUG  and  the  European   National
     Groups.  Murrel reported that while EUUG encourages all
     informal contacts between user groups, that they  would
     like to be the sole contact for EUUG and their national
     group members  in  terms  of  negotiations  leading  to
     reciprocal  agreements and purchases of services. There
     was general agreement  that  such  a  policy  would  be
     impossible  since  any  USENIX  member  can  order  any
     quantity of our publications.
     Board  member  attendance  at   meeetings.    We   have
     reciprocal agreements with EUUG, AUUG, NZUUG and JUS to
     provide free registration  and  5  nights  hotel.   The
     Board  agreed  that  we should not at this time provide
     similar support to other European groups.
     Nemeth   and   Johnson   suggested   an   exchange   of
     publications  between  JUS, so that we can abstract and
     index them.
Proposal for Second UNIX on Supercomputers Workshop
     Quarterman presented Lori Grob's proposal  that  USENIX
     sponsor  a  second  UNIX  on Supercomputers workshop in
     early Fall of 1990, and that she co-chair  it.  It  was
     moved  by  Nemeth,  seconded by Scherrer to approve the
     proposal and if Melinda Shore is not available  to  co-
     chair,   the  Board  would  suggest  alternatives,  but
     considered Grob responsible for finding a  co-chair  if
     she   thought   it   necessary   to  have  one.  Passed
Publications and Membership
     Manuals.  Young reported that  while  customer  service
     from  Howard  Press  has been poor in the past, she had

Revised Minutes              9                    April 1989

     met with them to relay our concerns as well as to check
     the  inventory.   They  did  indeed  have 4,000 sets on
     hand.  The Board  recommended  that  we  advertise  the
     manuals as 'final printing' and push their sales at our
     Reprinting  Proceedings.   Young  reported  that  after
     three  postings on the net, the number of responses was
     still too little to warrant reprinting.   Nemeth  asked
     that perhaps we could offer out-of-print proceedings at
     our cost to reproduce them  on  a  per  request  basis.
     Young was instructed to implement this.
     Executive Office Report.  Young went over  the  report.
     Total  membership  as  of 4/1/89 was 2,712, up 30% from
     figures of the previous year.  Nemeth asked if  it  was
     possible  to track new members who join at a conference
     to see if they renew.  Young will provide a report.
     There was a discussion regarding future costs  for  the
     journal. Young reported that the contract with UC Press
     calls for fees to be somewhat lower over the  next  two
     years,  and  with  more  library subscriptions our fees
     would be reduced even further.
     The Board was satisfied with Young's efforts to provide
     a  cash  flow  model for all three offices.  There were
     some format suggestions for the reporting of membership
     services.  Another model is necessary so that the Board
     can plan for future growth, projects, and have a better
     understanding   of  what  has  happened  in  the  past.
     Several  matrixes  were  suggested  (a   projects   vs.
     resources  one;  projects vs. time; resources vs. time;
     actual vs. budgeted).  Young was instructed to work  on
     the spreadsheets.
     Johnson suggested that  the  Association  pay  off  the
     Sequent  loan  for  UUNET.  It  was  moved  by  O'Dell,
     seconded by Murrel, that Young and Johnson be  directed
     to  pay  off  the  First  Interstate Bank loan and make
     arrangements with UUNET for  a  schedule  of  payments.
     Passed unanimously.
Tutorial Committee
     Scherrer requested that Wally Wedel replace her on this
     committee  and  that  Young  replace  Salus.  Young was
     instructed to notify Salus.
Gift for Salus
     Young's proposed gift approved ananimously.
Membership Fees/Dues Proposal
     There was discussion regarding Young's proposal sheets.
     The   general   feeling  of  the  Board  was  that  the
     Association can continue to depend  on  the  conference
     surplus to fund membership benefits.  Kolstad suggested
     that future proposals be clearer as to what criteria is
     used   to   determine  costs  per  members  (fixed  and
     incremental).  Nemeth requested information  about  the
     marginal  cost for additional members.  It was moved by
     O'Dell, seconded by Murrel  that  the  1990  membership
     dues remain:
             Student:        $15         Individual:      40
             Educational:    125         Corporate:      275

Revised Minutes              10                   April 1989

             Supporting:     1,000 Passed unanimously.
     Young suggested that in  1990  we  offer  institutional
     members  a  subscription  to  all proceedings published
     during the year. It was moved by Scherrer, seconded  by
     Johnson,  to  include a subscription to the proceedings
     to all institutional members as  an  additional  member
     benefit as soon as possible.  Passed unanimously.
     Kolstad reported that the Plus5 Tape was  almost  ready
     for  copying,  but  he  had  questions as to whether we
     wanted to offer it as  a  benefit.   It  was  moved  by
     Scherrer,   seconded   by  Johnson  that  the  software
     distribution  tape  (Plus5)  be  sent   to   the   1989
     institutional members.  Passed unanimously.
Next Board Meeting
     It was decided that the next  Board  meeting  would  be
     held  in  Baltimore  and  would commence at 10:00 a.m.,
     Sunday, June 11.  Sharon Murrel agreed to chair it.
Election Subcommittee Proposal
     Murrel,  speaking  for   the   election   subcommittee,
     proposed   a  Bylaw  change  to  limit  the  number  of
     consecutive terms for
      board members.  It was moved by  Murrel,  seconded  by
     O'Dell the following wording change to the Bylaws:
     Replace in section 4.2:  Any  eligible  person  may  be
     reelected as an officer or director one or more times.
     Any eligible person may be reelected as an  officer  or
     director  one  or more times, but may not be elected to
     more than four terms in succession.
     And that this Bylaw change will take effect  after  the
     next  election,  on July 1, 1990.  Passed.  7 in favor,
     Nemeth abstaining.
The meeting adjourned at 2:47 p.m.
	E. Young, Minutetaker

			  SCO's Case Against IBM

November 12, 2003 - Jed Boal from Eyewitness News KSL 5 TV provides an
overview on SCO's case against IBM. Darl McBride, SCO's president and CEO,
talks about the lawsuit's impact and attacks. Jason Holt, student and 
Linux user, talks about the benefits of code availability and the merits 
of the SCO vs IBM lawsuit. See SCO vs IBM.

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