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From: (Andy Tanenbaum)
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Subject: MINIX 1.3 upgrade kit now available from P-H
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Date: 13 Mar 89 16:51:25 GMT
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I just talked to Prentice-Hall.  The upgrade kit is now in stock and
they are shipping it.  It consists of all the 1.3 sources plus the binaries
of the 1.3 C compiler (same as 1.2 compiler).  It also has the ELLE binary
and miscellaneous files, like the spelling dictionary.  The combination of
this kit and either 1.1 or 1.2 (for either PC or AT) gives you all the sources
etc. that are contained in 1.3, but you have to compile them yourself using
the compiler supplied.  The upgrade kit costs $29.95 + tax + shipping.  The
full 1.3 distribution will be available next week and costs $79.95.  This
contains all the binaries as well.  If you have 1.1 or 1.2, you don't need
need this, but if you have neither, you won't be able to boot MINIX with just
the upgrade kit since it does not contain a boot diskette or a root file

These items should be available in Europe in about 1 month.

If you have been faithfully copying and installing everything I have posted
in the past year or so, you should have everything except the compiler
binaries.  Thus there is no point for people with 1.2 who have upgraded from
the net to get either of these items.  People with 1.1 might want the
upgrade kit to get the compiler.  It is about 10-15% faster and produces
better code than the 1.1 compiler.

P-H's phone number for credit card orders is (201) 767-5937.

Andy Tanenbaum (

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