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Subject: Bison Manual and G++ available from FSF
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Date: 18 Feb 89 02:28:46 GMT
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I don't remember this being announced to info-g++:

The Free Software Foundation has added G++, the GNU C++ Compiler to
it's compiler/beta tape along with lib-g++ and oops.  All this
software is in beta test.  FSF has also published the Users Manual for
bison, it's yacc compatible parser generator:

g++, libg++, and oops

G++ is a front-end for GCC, that compiles C++, an object-oriented
language that is upward compatible with C.  Since G++ depends on GCC,
it can only be used with the corresponding version of GCC.

libg++ (the GNU C++ library) is a collection of C++ classes and
support tools for use with G++.

OOPS (Object-Oriented Program Support) class library is a portable
collection of classes similar to those in Smalltalk-80 that has been
developed by Keith Gorlen of NIH, using the C++ programming.

Bison Manual

The Bison Manual describes how to write a grammar description that
Bison can convert into a C program that can parse that grammar.  It
describes the concepts and then provides a series of increasingly
complex examples before describing what goes on in considerable

Information on how to order the above is obtainable from: 	..!uunet!!gnu

enjoy -len

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