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From: r...@WHEATIES.AI.MIT.EDU (Richard Stallman)
Newsgroups: gnu.gcc
Subject: GCC 1.31
Message-ID: <>
Date: 21 Nov 88 05:13:54 GMT
Distribution: gnu
Organization: GNUs Not Usenet
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GNU CC version 1.31 is now available on in
/u/emacs/gcc.tar-1.31.Z.  Compressed diffs from version 1.30
are in /u/emacs/gcc.diff-1.30-1.31.Z; they are 63k.

This version has no new features, just bug fixes.  It bootstraps
properly on the sparc and 386 as well as on the vax and 68k.
An intermediate version bootstrapped on the Sun 386.

All the config-* files have been renamed xm-*.  A couple of their
names have been changed more than this.

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From: r...@WHEATIES.AI.MIT.EDU (Richard Stallman)
Newsgroups: gnu.gcc
Subject: GCC 1.32 available
Message-ID: <>
Date: 22 Dec 88 07:17:28 GMT
Distribution: gnu
Organization: GNUs Not Usenet
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Version 1.32 is now available in /u/emacs/gcc.tar-1.32.Z on
Compressed diffs in /u/emacs/gcc.diff-1.31-1.32.Z are around 200k.

This version has no significant new visible features, but many bug fixes
and some changes to prepare for merging C++.  However, some work remains
to be done before there is a merged compiler.  (Please help us make
progress by not sending us questions about it; it will be announced here.)

This version has bootstrapped itself on the vax, 68020, 386 and sparc.

Ports to the Alliant and the Convex have been done, and will probably
be merged once their papers arrive.  There is no telling how long
this will take.  The 370 port was finished in September and is still
waiting for papers.

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From: r...@WHEATIES.AI.MIT.EDU (Richard Stallman)
Newsgroups: gnu.gcc
Subject: GCC 1.33 now available
Message-ID: <>
Date: 2 Feb 89 05:06:30 GMT
Distribution: gnu
Organization: GNUs Not Usenet
Lines: 30

GCC verison 1.33 is now available on in the file
/u/emacs/gcc.tar-1.33.Z.  Compressed diffs from 1.32 are in
/u/emacs/gcc.diff-1.32-1.33.Z and are around 300k.

The main improvement in this version is reliability.  It bootstraps on
the Vax, 68020, Sparc, 32000, 80386, and Convex, and it works
properly on a pair of large test suites.

Global register variables are supported; see gcc.texinfo.

A machine description for Convex machines is now included.  One for
Alliant machines is included as well, but it seems to have some bugs

There are some new machine-description hooks to handle floating point
arithmetic for cross compilation.  You still have to write the hard
part yourself, but I have provided a defined way to make GCC use them.

This version of the compiler contains support for encapsulating GNU
object files within COFF.  However, to fully use this, you will need
to wait for the next versions of the binary file utilities.

The next release may contain working support for the 88k, assuming
legal papers are signed.  The Tahoe, and some sort of Gould machine,
will probably be handled within a couple of months.  A MIPS port is
being worked on, but it needs a lot of work.

There have been no developments on the 370 port that lacks legal
papers; Amdahl may have decided to bury it.  However, another one is
being written.

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November 12, 2003 - Jed Boal from Eyewitness News KSL 5 TV provides an
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