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Subject: GCC version 1.29
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Date: 6 Oct 88 14:02:08 GMT
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GCC version 1.29 is now available on in
/u/emacs/gcc.tar-1.29.Z.  Diffs from 1.28 in gcc.diff-1.28-1.29.Z
are 315k.

This version supports various new loop optimizations implemented by
Jim Wilson of Berkeley.  Strength reduction is done if you specify

-Wunused requests warnings for unused local variables.

Nearly all known bugs have been fixed, except that nothing has been
done about SPARC bugs.

			  SCO's Case Against IBM

November 12, 2003 - Jed Boal from Eyewitness News KSL 5 TV provides an
overview on SCO's case against IBM. Darl McBride, SCO's president and CEO,
talks about the lawsuit's impact and attacks. Jason Holt, student and 
Linux user, talks about the benefits of code availability and the merits 
of the SCO vs IBM lawsuit. See SCO vs IBM.

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