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From: (Andy Tanenbaum)
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Subject: MINIX announcement, version 1.2; comments to me
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Date: 23 Feb 88 15:28:13 GMT
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MINIX is an operating system that is a subset of UNIX Version 7.  It contains 
nearly all the V7 system calls, and these calls are identical to the 
corresponding V7 calls.  It also includes a Bourne-compatible shell, and close
to 100 utility programs, including cc, grep, ls, make, etc.  To the average
user, it is effectively V7 UNIX.  If you dig deep enough, you will, however,
find some differences.

The MINIX kernel has been written from scratch by Andy Tanenbaum (
It does not contain ANY AT&T code at all.  The utility programs have been 
written by Andy Tanenbaum, his students, and a number of other people,
including people on USENET.  None of the utilities contain any AT&T code
either.  The shell, the Pascal and C compilers, make, etc. have all been 
completely redone.  As a result, this code is not covered by the ATT UNIX
license, and it can be made available.  

MINIX was originally written for the IBM PC, XT, and AT.  It has since been
ported to the NS 16032 and the 68000 (Atari ST).  It will also work on many
386-based machines.  A list of clones on which MINIX has been tested is
included below.

MINIX is being sold by:

   Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 (1-800-223-1360), and
   Prentice-Hall Int'l, Hemel, Hempstead, England (+44 442 231555)

When ordering it, please specify the 640K PC version, 512K AT version or
256K PC version (which will be dropped starting with Version 1.3).  The Atari
version will run on any Atari ST, from a 512K machine with 1 floppy to a Mega
ST with 4M and 16 hard disks.  It works better on the latter.  The Atari version
will be available from Prentice-Hall in the late Spring.

The U.S. price for the IBM version is $80.  The price outside the U.S. is
somewhat higher due to the way Prentice-Hall's divisions are financed.
The price for the Atari version will be roughly similarly to the IBM version.

All distributions contain executable binaries and the complete source code.

MINIX is described in detail in the following book:

   Title:	Operating Systems: Design and Implementation
   Author:	Andrew S. Tanenbaum
   Publisher:	Prentice-Hall
   ISBN:	0-13-637406-9

There is also a paperback available outside the U.S. only.  A German 
translation was begun in Feb. 1988.  The software package does not contain a 
manual; this is contained in the appendices to the book, which also contain a
complete source code listing (in C) of the MINIX kernel.

No.  MINIX has been copyrighted by Prentice-Hall.  Prentice-Hall has decided to
permit a limited amount of copying of the sources and binaries for educational
use.  Professors may make copies for students in their operating systems
classes.  Academic researchers may use it for their new experimental machines,
and things like that.  A small amount of private copying of diskettes for the
use of personal friends is ok, but please do not make more than 3 copies from
each original.  Prentice-Hall is trying to be more reasonable than most
software publishers.  Please do not abuse this.    Online repositories of the
full source code distribution are not permitted.  All commercial uses of MINIX
require written permission from Prentice-Hall; for the most part, they are
willing to grant such permission in return for a royalty on sales.

The list below gives the programs that are either distributed with Version 1.2
or have been posted to USENET since then:

ar ascii basename bawk cal cat cc chmem chmod chown clr cmp
comm cp cpdir date dd df diff dosread du echo ed elle expr
factor fdisk find fix getlf grep gres head kill libpack libupack ln
login lpr ls make mined mkdir mkfs mknod more mount mv od
passwd pr prep printenv pwd readfs rev rm rmdir roff run sed
sh shar size sleep sort spell split stty su sum sync tail
tar tee test time touch tr treecmp umount uniq update uudecode uuencode wc

Various other programs have also been posted, but the ones above are considered
part of the "official" distribution and will appear in Version 1.3 (summer '88).

If you are on USENET, subscribe to newsgroup comp.os.minix.  There are about
10,000 people in this group, and new software, bug fixes, and general discussion
about MINIX take place here.  If you are on BITNET or ARPANET, you can get this
newsgroup via a mailing list by contacting:
   BITNET:  sending a message (either interactive or mail) to listserv@ndsuvm1 
		signup minix-l Your_Full_Name

Yes.  There are several archives, one run by Vincent Broman on,
another run by James Galvin on, one on the Bitnet 
"LISTSERV" at NDSUVM1, and an archive area on

The following text was posted by Vincent Broman and describes how his archive

>> Bugs.Nosc.Mil archives comp.os.minix news articles of lasting interest
>> and other Minix material, such as a list of machines reported to be
>> able to run Minix.  Material of widespread interest includes diffs for
>> updating v1.1 to v1.2 and preliminary fixes headed for v1.3, code developing
>> toward a serial port driver, diffs for cross compilation under MS-C and
>> Turbo-C, the new asld with split I&D, and recently the editor, Elle v4.1 .
>> This material is available by anonymous FTP (during non-business hours)
>> on in directory pub/Minix .  The file SUBJECTS contains a list
>> of Subject lines serving as a kind of index.  The file names are mostly just
>> the Message-Id of a news article.
>> Several ways to get these kinds of goodies, in order:
>> 1.  Look, or ask someone you know to look, for articles still available
>> on the machine where you read news, or on a neighbor.
>> 2.  Ask the person who posted the material to mail it to you.
>> 3.  Get access to a machine on the ArpaNet (or talk to an acquaintance who
>> has access) and FTP to or .
>> 4.  To get smaller selections from the archive by Email,
>> see the instructions following.
>> 5.  To get very large amounts of material from archives, talk to someone
>> in charge of it, e.g. me, about mailing a tape.  Surface-mailing of tapes
>> is cheap.  Voluminous Email is expensive, though not as expensive as
>> posting news.
>> Everything available to anonymous FTP in directory pub/Minix can be obtained by
>> sending a mailed request to or nosc!minix-server .
>> Include in the message, either among the header fields or the body, a line like:
>> Reply-To: 
>> and after that a line or lines naming desired files e.g.:
>> send compatibility
>> send SUBJECTS
>> send
>> to get an automatic mailed reply.  Notice file names are case sensitive.
>>  should look something like one of these examples:
>> y...@stolaf.uucp
>> sdcsvax!ihnp4!mtgzz!guru
>>    .
>> Email is not free.  Abuse of the system will cause bad karma.
>> Contents may have settled during shipment.
>> Vincent Broman, code 632, Naval Ocean Systems Center, San Diego, CA 92152, USA
>> Phone: +1 619 553 1641  Internet:  Uucp: sdcsvax!nosc!broman

Information about the other archives can be found below.

>> NDSUVM1's listserv has two archives of Minix information. The first is
>> an automated weekly log of all messages sent to the MINIX-L list. The
>> other is an manually organized manual of sources sent to the list. Both
>> are accessed by sending either interactive messages (bitnet only) or
>> mail (all other networks) to LISTSERV@NDSUVM1. Some possible addresses 
>> from other networks are:
>>         Bitnet: listserv@ndsuvm1
>>         Internet:
>>         UUCP: psuvax1!ndsuvm1.bitnet!listserv
>>     **NOTE*** the UUCP gateway at PSUVAX1 appears to violate some rule of
>>     RFC822 which listserv does not like being violated (duplicate 'From:'
>>     lines). If possible, use a different gateway; otherwise expect a nasty
>>     letter from NDSUVM1's postmaster, if anything.  I am interested in hearing
>>     from anybody on on UUCP or a Bitnet Unix machine who does successfully
>>     receive anything from listserv.
>> The message logs are kept in the "MINIX-L" section, with names in the form:
>>     MINIX-L LOGyymmw
>> where "yy" is the year, "mm" is the numeric month and "w" is an alphabetic
>> character from A to E indicating what week of the month.  Several months of
>> log files are kept on-line, the number depending on disk space availability.
>> The other archives are kept in the "MINIX" section. 
>> To obtain a list of the files in the Minix archives, issue the command:
>>         INDEX MINIX
>>     or
>> (if you use mail, the command must be in the body of your message)
>> Files are retrieved with the 'GET' command:
>> to get the file "MORE INFO" from the group "MINIX".
>> For a complete list of information on the listserv:
>>         INFO ?
>> Due to the 80-character per line (punched card) limit on Bitnet mail, many of
>> the files will be shipped using an encoding scheme that allows logical lines
>> to be split up into many physical lines.  The default for going to other
>> networks is "Listserv Punch". It can be obtained from the file 'MISC LPUN'.
>> This file should traverse networks unscathed.
>> Please direct all comments and questions about this archive to Glen Overby at
>> nu070...@ndsuvm1.bitnet

>> A limited archive of MINIX related material is available from
>> in the directory PD:. These same files are available on Bitnet
>> from LISTSERV@RPICICGE in the same directory.
>> To get these files from LISTSERV@RPICICGE, use the /pddir and /pdget commands
>> for a directory listing and file retrieval, respectively.

MINIX runs on the IBM PC, XT, and AT.  It also runs on those clones that are
IBM compatible.  You would be amazed at how many are not.  The following list
was compiled by Vincent Broman from postings to comp.os.minix:

Computer		info source		MINIX runs?	HD runs?
---------		-----------		-----------	--------
AMT-ATjr                dar...@ethos.uucp       yes
ARC Turbo XT clone	m692...@sdsu.uucp	yes
AT&T 6300		dkl...@marque.uucp	yes		no
AT&T 6300		j...@chinet.uucp		yes        yes with fix of go
ATronics AT clone	hub...@cae780.uucp	yes
ATronics XT clone  yes             yes w/ fix
Aerocomp Clone          rmt...@uokmax.uucp      yes             no
Amstrad			s...@warwick.uucp	yes		no
BIOS silent partner		yes		yes
Commodore PC-10 II		yes		yes
Compaq 386		no
Compaq DeskPro		wal...@xanth.uucp	yes
Compaq DeskPro 286	wal...@xanth.uucp	yes
Compaq Portable         caven...@drivax.uucp    yes             yes w/fix
Compaq Portable II     yes
Computer Classfd ST/286           yes
Corona PC-400		dtin...@utoronto.bitnet yes
Corona PC-400		j...@unrvax.uucp       no (see below)
Epson Equity 3		yes		yes
Faraday motherboard 	jal...@netxcom.uucp 	yes
Ferranti PC860/XT yes         yes w/ fix
GRID GridCase 3           yes
Honeywell AP		yes		yes
HP Vectra          no
IBM PC			gan...@utah-cs.uucp	yes
IBM PC-AT @6MHz		yes		yes
IBM PC-AT @8MHz		yes		no
IBM PC-XT		yes		yes 10Mb
IBM PC-XT-286		yes		no
IBM PC Convertible      b...@winfree.uucp      no
IBS system 2000         sbann...@sol.uvic.cdn   yes             yes w/ fix
IMC XT, 8MHz V20,	yes		
ITT XTRA		yes		
Kaypro 286i (AT) 	yes
Kaypro PC		k...@driwash.uucp	yes
Leading Edge clone 	gan...@utah-cs.uucp	yes
Leading Edge models M&D	wegr...@cdx39.uucp	yes
Leading Edge MP-1673       yes             no
NCR PC8		yes		no
Samsung clone		gan...@utah-cs.uucp	yes
SEFCO AT Clone  yes             yes?
Shitel		no
Tandy 1000		kim...@wdl1.uucp	no
Tandy 1000SX,1000EX	j...@moncol.uucp	no
Tandy 1000              j...@mia.uucp          yes w/fix       yes w/fix
Tandy 1200 modified     b...@winfree.uucp      yes
Televideo Telenix 286		yes
Toshiba T1100+		b...@winfree.uucp	yes
Toshiba T1100+		stu...@bms-at.uucp	yes
Unisys micro IT		yes		yes
Unnamed Asian Clone 	art...@ubu.uucp		yes
Xerox 6085 PC emulator yes    yes
XT-2000 clone  yes
Zenith 150		n...@wldrdg.uucp	yes		no
Zenith Z-151            z...@felix.uucp        yes             yes w/ fix
Zenith 181		b...@winfree.uucp	yes
Zenith Z-248 (AT)		yes		yes (20 Mb)

Disks			Info source		Comment
-----------		-----------		-------
Adaptec 2002/Rodime     b...@winfree.uucp      works with fix of n0ano@wldrdg
Data Technology Corp		AT controller; works
DTC-5150BX HDC runs with fix
Everex AT compat HD           HD troubles
Maynard Corp Hard Card  gan...@utah-cs.uucp	not compat
Seagate 4026, IBM Ctrlr  runs with fix of hubble@cae780
Seagate ST4906 80Mb HD	hub...@cae780.uucp	yes with posted fix
WD 1002S-WX2 HDC, ST225, g...@orstcs.uucp		runs with posted fix
WD 1002A-WX1 HDC, Rodine 204, b...@winfree.uucp runs with fix of n0ano@wldrdg
WD 1002/ST225 HD 	alb...@ncoast.uucp	won't run yet
WD 1003-WA3 FDC	runs with posted fix
Xebec HDC 20Mb disk	art...@warwick.uucp	works, but hd <3Mb only
Xebec HDC, 10Mb HD	m692...@sdsu.uucp	runs if minix on 1st partition
Z150 Hard Disk          n...@wldrdg.uucp       works with posted fix
Bernoulli disk		acharya@sbcs		has problems doing mkfs thereon
Toshiba T1100+ 720K     stu...@bms-at.uucp      supported by posted fixes
AT&T 6300 Floppies            supported by posted mod

Video cards		Info source		Comment
-----------		-----------		-------
Corona PC-400 own display j...@unrvax.uucp     cursor stuck, scrolls wrong.
CT-6040S mono-graphics  g...@orstcs.uucp          support by posted fix
EGA video		not working, fixes suggested
(EGA) NEC GB-1          vizard@dartvax          scroll fix unsuccessful also
PGC             fine
Sigma Designs Color 400 b...@njitsc1.uucp         incompat, causes NMIs
Tecmar Graphics Master  sbann...@sol.uvic.cdn   CGA emul probs like EGA
Toshiba T1100+ display  stu...@bms-at.uucp      scroll problem, mod posted

Printers		Info source		Comment
---------		-----------		-------
Epson FX-80 prtr	art...@warwick.uucp	unreliable prtr driver
printer MSDOS ok, Minix not, d...@sdsu.uucp    supported by posted fix.

Other boards   		Info source		Comment
---------		-----------		-------
AST Six Pack Clock	t...@killer.uucp         support by posted code
AST Six Pack Premium    g...@orstcs.uucp          clock code posted
... MegaPlus     simpler clock code posted
MCT multi-IO card           code for clock setting posted
Multi-IO card/AMT-ATjr  dar...@ethos.uucp       none of above clock code worked
CompuAdd MFC            caven...@drivax.uucp    myxm's clock code worked
Alpha Micro Videotrax   z...@felix.uucp        board is inimical

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