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Summary of the Board of Directors' Meeting

San Jose, CA; October 26-27, 1988


Present at the meeting were: Stephen C. Johnson, Rob Kolstad,
Marshall Kirk McKusick, Alan G. Nemeth (President), John
S. Quarterman, Deborah K. Scherrer, Waldo M. Wedel, 
David A. Yost -- Directors; Rick Adams, UUNET; 
Judith F. DesHarnais, Conference Coordinator; John L. Donnelly, 
Tutorial and Exhibit Manager; Donnalyn Frey, Public Relations;
Lou Katz, FaceSaver; Sam Leffler, San Francisco Program 
Chair; Susan Nycum, John McKenzie, & Daniel Appelman, 
Baker & McKenzie; Peter H. Salus, Executive Director.


Adams reported that the UUNET activity was ahead of 
expectations and had exceeded the capacity of the Tymnet 
lines on occasion.  There was a discussion of the Trailblazer
modems and whether the new technology and the use 
of 800-numbers might make the use of Tymnet unattractive 
from a cost standpoint.  The Association must make two 
decisions:  organizational status of UUNET and status of 
the Sequent machine (either a lease or a loan arrangement backed by
the Association).

Foreign Trade

As the Association has one South African member and 
that member has requested a UUNET connection, John McKenzie,
a lawyer expert in export controls, addressed the Board on
the status of the 1986 Anti-Apartheid Act and the Department
of Commerce regulations.  It is clear that without
special permission from the Department of State, the 
Association cannot send distribution tapes, manuals, conference
proceedings, or ;login: to a South African 
member.  It was decided that Appelman would supply
appropriate wording for a letter which Salus will send 
to the Institutional Representative, terminating the 

Common Carrier Status

After a discussion, the lawyers were requested to suggest
procedures for clarifying the common carrier status of UUNET.

Public Relations

Donnalyn Frey submitted a proposal for 
public relations services for the Association
for the period up to and including the San
Francisco meeting.  The Board was enthusiastic 
about /etc/motd and some other services.
The question of vendor support for Donnelly and 
another Editorial Roundtable was discussed.  Frey 
was told that Salus would communicate the Board's 
decisions to her.

Meetings and Workshops

DesHarnais reported on the Phoenix Conference, the 
Graphics Workshop, and the POSIX Workshop.  All had
gone well.  The C++ Workshop is already oversold,
a second hotel (across the street in Santa Fe) is 
handling the overflow.

Though the general reaction to the Graphics workshop
was good, it was less enthusiastic than the 
reaction to the previous ones.  It was decided 
to "skip a year" and have another one in 1989.

There will be a cooperative workshop (with IEEE) on Real 
Time Computing in Washington in May.  Melinda Shore of the 
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center has proposed a Supercomputer 
and UNIX workshop, probably in Pittsburgh in the 
Spring of 1988; Scherrer will coordinate this.  Matt Bishop 
of Dartmouth has proposed a UNIX Security workshop for 
September 1988.  Kolstad was asked about a second 
Systems Administration workshop.  Salus was requested to 
communicate with Alix Vasilatos (Project Athena) 
about this.

Kolstad spoke about the Dallas program.  There 
will be two half-day sessions about MIT's
Athena and CMU's Andrew projects.  There are about 80
submitted abstracts.  Scherrer is acting as liaison
where a keynote speaker is concerned.

Leffler reviewed the San Francisco program.  The 
reception will be held in the Exploratorium.  The
Program Committee is to review full papers the
week after the Dallas conference.

The was a discussion of the need for a program chair for 
Baltimore, summer 1989.  The options for summer 1992 (New 
Orleans and San Antonio) were discussed.


The Board decided that the Association should run on a
balanced budget for 1988.  Because of the expenses 
entailed by the office move,
the initial funding of UUNET, the acquisition 
of the Sun 3, and the undertaking of several new projects
(like the FaceSaver), the Association has used some of 
its cash reserves this year and run over its additional budget.
It was decided that the membership dues would have to be 
increased.  The new rates will be:
	Student	$15
	Individual $40
	Educational Institution $125
	Other Institutional $275
	Supporting $1000

It was decided that in the future, Salus would notify the sponsor 
of a project when expenditures reached 80% of budget; notify 
the Board at 100% of budget; and cease paying for expenditures
at 120% of budget.

Salus reported that 25 copies had been sold and that there were
several unfulfilled orders, pending copies of the tapes.

4.3BSD Manuals

Salus reported that 6,744 copies of the User's Manual Sets,
5,944 copies of the Programmer's Sets, and 3,596 copies 
of the System Manager's Manual had been sold.  The Association 
had a first printing of 5000 of each set and a second printing of 
5000 of the User's and the Programmer's sets.


The membership as of the end of October was 2,690.

1987 Software Distribution

Kolstad reported that 70M of software had been 
received from Plus5 and that the Explorer Troup 
had copied this onto 550 sets of 2-2400' tapes for distribution,
using Convex' machinery.  The tapes will be mailed 
to all institutional members shortly.  The Board
voted a one-year Supporting membership to 
the Convex Computer Corporation in thanks for their 

There are 35M of further software which will most likely
comprise the 1988 software distribution.


An agreement has been signed with University of 
California Press and it is expected that 
the first issue of Computing Systems
will appear next February.


Yost circulated proof copies of several 
pages of the Phoenix attendee list.  He said
that typesetting was imminent.

Katz proposed FaceSaver service for Dallas 
and San Francisco.  He is to have a
demonstration project complete by January 15, 
1988, at which time a final decision concerning Dallas 
will be made.


Quarterman continues to be the Association's 
representative to P1003.  The POSIX workshop 
appears to have been quite successful and important  
to the standards community.

Peter H. Salus
Executive Director

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