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At the Open Meeting with the Board in Phoenix, several 
USENIX Association members expressed an interest in 
obtaining the summaries of the Board meetings more 
rapidly.  It was suggested that I post the summaries 
as soon as they are available.  Following are the summaries 
for the New Orleans and the Phoenix meetings.  They will 
also appear in the July/August issue of ;login:.

I'd appreciate reaction to this method of making USENIX 
members aware of Board activities.

Peter H. Salus
Executive Director

          Summary of the Board Minutes; New Orleans, 26-27 March 1987


               Present at the meeting were:  Stephen C.  Johnson,  Marshall
          Kirk  McKusick,  Alan  G.  Nemeth, John S. Quartermam, Deborah K.
          Scherrer, Waldo M. Wedel, David A. Yost -- Directors; Rick Adams,
          UUNET;   Eric   Allman,  Phoenix  program  chair;  Ed  Borkovsky,
          /usr/group director; Judith F. DesHarnais,  Conference  Coordina-
          tor; John L. Donnelly, Tutorial and Exhibit Manager; Mike O'Dell,
          UUNET; Jeannie Patton,  Wells  Communications;  Lizabeth  Reilly,
          /usr/group Executive Director; Peter H. Salus, Executive Director

          Washington Conference Wrap-Up

               Despite the snowstorm, it  was  generally  agreed  that  the
          Washington,  DC,  conference  had  gone well.  There had been 303
          UniForum registrants who also attended the USENIX meeting and  63
          USENIX registrants who had checked off the appropriate box on the
          UniForum registration.   There  were  1570  registrants  for  the
          USENIX conference and "about 1500" registrants for the /usr/group
          technical sessions and tutorials.

               There was a good deal of discussion concerning  the  format-
          ting of technical sessions and topical sessions.  The question of
          four-day vs. three-day conferences  was  considered  and  it  was
          decided  that  if DesHarnais could make appropriate arrangements,
          the Dallas conference should be enlarged to four days  [this  has
          been effected].

          Large Systems Workshop

               It was reported that there were three dozen registrants  for
          the forthcoming workshop in Philadelphia.  The Workshop will have
          pre-prints, so no Proceedings volume is scheduled;  Salus  stated
          that a summary would appear in ;_l_o_g_i_n:.

          Phoenix meeting

               Allman reported that there would be  41  papers  offered  in
          Phoenix  in  14 sessions.  Donnelly reported that there will be 8
          tutorials each on Monday and Tuesday.  There will be  four  "new"
          tutorials:   Advanced  System  V,  Graphics offered by Borden, X-
          windows, and NeWs.  Yost stated that the FaceSaver  on  which  he
          and Katz had been working would be operative in Phoenix.

          Future meetings

               The table below shows the  status  of  planning  for  future
          semi-annual  meetings  of the USENIX Association.  Where the word
          None appears in a field, in means that no commitments  have  been
          made for this category for this meeting.
                                Future Meetings Status

                Date     Location  Hotel          Host Program Chair
                6/8-12/87          Phoenix        Hyatt          NoneEric Allman
                2/8-12/88          Dallas         Registry       NoneRob Kolstad
                6/20-24/88         San Francisco  Hilton         NoneSam Leffler
                1/31-2/3/89        San Diego      Town & Country NoneNone
                6/12-16/89         Baltimore      Hyatt          NoneNone
                1/23-26/90         Wash. DC       None None      None
                6/11-15/90         Anaheim        Marriott       NoneNone
                1/22-25/91         Dallas         None None      None
                6/10-14/91         Nashville      Opryland       NoneNone


               Adams and O'Dell presented the UUNET business plan  (follow-
          ing  their  January  proposal) which was greeted with enthusiasm.
          After considerable discussion, Salus was asked  to  consult  with
          the  Association's lawyer and accountant and to set aside $35,000
          for the brief experimental period to cover excess expenses,  even
          though  this  was larger than the predicted possible loss.  Salus
          was to sign on behalf of the Association  as  guarantor  wherever
          possible, rather than actually expending funds.


               Nemeth and Quarterman detailed the history of the P1003 com-
          mittee  and  the  Association's  representation on it. Quarterman
          spoke of his roles and of the steps by which the trial use  stan-
          dard  could  become a full use standard. Reilly told /usr/group's
          side of POSIX and said that /usr/group's  pamphlets  had  renewed
          interest  in  standards  in the user community. The question of a
          Standards workshop in  the  autumn  was  brought  up.  The  Board
          expressed  warmth  and  Quarterman agreed to find a chair and fix
          upon a location.

          Meeting with /usr/group

               Following Washington,  Nemeth  had  invited  the  /usr/group
          Board  and Executive Director to the New Orleans meeting; Borkov-
          sky and Reilly now invited the USENIX Board and Executive  Direc-
          tor  to a portion of the /usr/group's next Board meeting on May 1
          in Santa Clara, CA.

          Women and minorities

               Quarterman and Scherrer brought up  a  number  of  proposals
          made  by  Liz  Sommers concerning women and minorities in USENIX.
          There was considerable discussion, in the course of which it  was
          noted  that  there were three distinct questions:  the ethnic and
          sex representation in the industry, the representation in USENIX,
          and  the phobia where "wizards" and "gurus" were concerned, which
          made the Association seem like an "in" group.

               Salus was requested to get in touch with  the  United  Negro
          College Fund.

               It was decided to look into the following items:
               science fairs
               advertising what USENIX does
               using student help at meetings
               instructing program chairs to use more "new" folks
               problem BoFs.
               work-in-progress sessions


          Summary of the Board of Directors'  Meeting;  Phoenix,  AZ,  June
          7,8, 10, 1987


               Present at the meeting were:  Stephen C. Johnson,  Rob  Kol-
          stad, Marshall Kirk McKusick, Alan G. Nemeth (President), John S.
          Quarterman, Deborah K. Scherrer,  Waldo  M.  Wedel  --  Directors
          [David  A.  Yost was working on the FaceSaver project during most
          of the meeting]; Rick Adams, UUNET; Eric Allman, Phoenix  program
          chair; Judith F. DesHarnais, Conference Coordinator; John L. Don-
          nelly,  Tutorial  and  Exhibit  Manager;  Betty  Madden,   Office
          Manager;  Mike  O'Dell,  UUNET;  Jeannie Patton, Wells Communica-
          tions; Peter H. Salus, Executive Director.


               Rob Kolstad will be the Program Chair for  the  Dallas  1988
          technical  conference,  which will be held concurrently with Uni-
          Forum; Sam Leffler will be the Program Chair for  the  San  Fran-
          cisco,  summer 1988 conference.  Jim McGinnis has agreed to chair
          a POSIX Implementors Workshop.

               There was a discussion of the reception of the past graphics
          workshops.   Tom  Duff  will  chair  the  October  1987  Graphics
          Workshop.  Yost is working on a C++  Workshop.   Salus  and  Marc
          Donner  are  meeting  with  IEEE  on  a  possible joint Real Time
          Workshop in May 1988.  The  Philadelphia  Systems  Administrators
          Workshop  was  enthusiastically  received by the attendees. There
          was discussion of a second System Administrators Workshop as well
          as future Graphics workshops.


               After one month in service, UUNET has 50 actual subscribers.
          Furthermore,  as a result of lengthy negotiations, Adams has been
          authorized by DARPA to make UUNET a DARPA gateway for an  experi-
          mental period of three years.

               The Board decided to extend the UUNET experimental period to
          October  31, 1987.  Johnson, Quarterman, Scherrer, and Wedel will
          act as a Board subcommittee to oversee the experiment.  Salus  is
          to  confer  with  the  Association's  lawyer  concerning  UUNET's
          independent, non-profit incorporation and other legal matters.

               It was announced that a domain had  been  set  up
          and  would be run by Adams and O'Dell.  Further the comp.std.unix
          archives will be placed on the UUNET machine.


               Kolstad reported on the progress of  collecting,  unpacking,
          sorting,  and  canonicalizing  net.sources and mod.sources and an
          assortment of other publically-available software. It appears the
          project will be complete within two months, and will include some
          1200 software packages. The results will be  made  available  via
          distribution  tapes. There was a good deal of discussion concern-
          ing permissions.  Wherever possible, authors will  be  asked  for
          permission to redistribute materials which had been posted.

          Public Relations

               There was a lengthy discussion of the performance  of  Wells
          Communications  on  behalf  of  the  Association.  Wells has been
          retained as Public Relations consultants to the Association  over
          the  past year. It was agreed that /_e_t_c/_m_o_t_d (the daily newspaper
          at the Phoenix conference) was a success  as  was  the  Editorial
          Roundtable,  set  up by Wells to enable a limited number of media
          editors to confer with some of the USENIX Board.   Other  activi-
          ties  had  been  less successful.  It was decided to reduce Wells
          Communications' activities in some areas, but to retain  them  in
          others which had shown benefits.

               It was noted that  Jobs'  keynote  and  the  FaceSaver  also
          served as public relations vehicles for the Association.

          Membership Categories

               Scherrer  presented  her   recommendations   on   membership
          categories, services, and fees for 1988.  The addition of several
          new services, including distribution of the new  technical  jour-
          nal, was proposed.  Consideration of fees was postponed until the
          October Board meeting, when a  more  definite  statement  on  the
          costs of the new services would be available.

               There was a discussion of manual sales.  It was decided that
          if  the  lawyers agree, individual members should be permitted to
          purchase manuals.

          Women's BOF

               There was a discussion of the Women in USENIX BOF and of the
          exchanges that had appeared in There was support
          for the BOF and for the ideas and information to be  gained  from
          it.  [The  Executive  Director and six of the eight Board members
          attended the BOF.]


               There was a discussion of the proposed new  technical  quar-
          terly  including  the  nature of the editorial panel and the fact
          that submissions would be fully refereed. Salus presented  propo-
          sals  from  several  publishers who were interested in the USENIX
          quarterly.  The Board authorized him to pursue several  of  these
          publishers and to thank the others for their interest.


               It was reported that the Computer Sciences Research Group of
          UC-Berkeley  would  like  the  USENIX  Association  to distribute
          2.10BSD (formerly 2.9). This is the PDP 11/70  version  of  UNIX.
          It  was  decided  that  this might be possible through the normal
          USENIX tape distribution mechanism. was asked to pursue this with
          the Berkeley Software Office.

          Current Meeting

               There was a discussion of the current meeting.  It was  felt
          that /_e_t_c/_m_o_t_d and the WIP sessions had gone well, as had some of
          the Public Relations activities.  The great success had been  the
          FaceSaver  project,  which  had  been widely acclaimed.  Yost and
          Katz were asked to make the FaceSaver available to  the  Associa-
          tion in Dallas and in San Francisco next year.

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