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SoftQuad Publishing Software is a high performance implementation of
AT&T's Documenter's Workbench (DWB) Version 2.0, complete with
troff, eqn, tbl, pic and grap processors for text,
equations, tables, pictures, and graphs.  We offer support for common
laserprinters including the HP LaserJet and LaserJet+(tm),
PostScript(tm), Imagen imPRESS(tm), as well as several
phototypesetters.  We can ship today (non-vaporware) for these 
printers on most popular computers (SUN UNIX 3, VAX 4.2, VAX SV, 
3B1, 3B2, ...). For others, please ask us about delivery dates.

SoftQuad Publishing Software is a cost-effective solution for most
publishing and in-house publishing tasks:  manuals, reports, books,
proposals, price lists, newsletters, and memos.  It is about 99%
compatible with previous versions of troff.  The intermediate language
has been totally rewritten to provide a better specification of troff's
intention rather than specifying the minute details of a low-level
typesetter.  In the process we made it much more amenable to processing
with standard UNIX tools.  We also provide two types of kerning
support, a hyphenation exception dictionary,  automatic
emboldening of a font (for producing fake Bold face when you don't
really have bold), better error checking and messages, and other
features.  Of course, every copy of the software includes a conversion
utility to produce old `ditroff' intermediate code, so you can continue
to use your old ditroff drivers for devices we don't yet support and
still get the benefits of our kerning, hyphenation, etc.

SoftQuad provides training and telephone support at a nominal charge to
both end users and dealers.  Bug fixes are provided at no charge;
updates are available at a cost equal to 20% of the original
purchase price.

SoftQuad Publishing Software has detailed, accessible documentation:

* Technical Product Description (available now)
* System Administrator's Guide (available now)
* Reference Guide (available 15 September 1986)

In addition, SoftQuad and its team of typographers and designers
will publish a newsletter which offers a basic graphic arts education,
format-specific design advice, and introduces the concepts of fine
typography.  Many new products are planned, including some
impressive macro packages. 

For information, please contact SoftQuad at 720 Spadina Suite 200,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 2T9, phone 416-963-8337, or by uucp at

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