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Subject: Ditroff and Gremlin 4.2BSD release
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Date: Mon, 15-Jul-85 11:02:29 EDT
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Posted: Mon Jul 15 11:02:29 1985
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I received a tape about two weeks ago from Berkeley containing
the 4.2 bsd release of ditroff and gremlin. Thanks guys. You
just saved us a bunch of money!! Now for some questions.
I received the tape shortly before a scheduled vacation so I held
my questions until now. the tape I received did not contain
the dit.install shellscript which contains the installation 
incantations. Did anyone else receive this tape yet?? Did 
yours contain dit.install?? If not, were you able to figure it out
and install it?? If so, would you mind mailing me a copy?? I am quite
anxious to get this stuff up, especially ditroff and pic. My 
configuration is this:
	VAX 780
	4.2 BSD 
	Imagen 8/300 printers (4)
We are currently using troff and imagen supplied filters & software.
Thanx to everyone for reading and to anyone who can help.
                                      Patrick Landry
ut-sally \                            University of Southwestern Louisiana
  akgua  /                            LandryPM%...@csnet-relay.ARPA

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