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HP-UX/9000  (Series 500) was released to production  and first  customer
shipments  today.  The HP9000 Series  500/600/700  is  Hewlett-Packard's
32-bit minicomputer  available in desktop, rack, and pod configurations.
It features one to three CPUs, one to three IOPs (I/O  processors),  and
up to 2.5Mb of main memory.  HP-UX is a family of products  derived from
and  compatible  with  Bell  System  III,  with bug fixes  and  improved
documentation.  It includes:

	* Native kernel, compatible with standard UN*X, including VM.
	* About 200 core commands, most from System III, plus additions.
	* C, HP Fortran/77, and HP Pascal compilers.
	* DGL (2D device independent graphics).
	* AGP (3D device independent graphics).
	* Local Area Network (LAN), based on Ethernet.
	* Async (aterm, cu, and uucp).
	* Remote Job Entry (RJE).

Sorry if you find this too  "commercial"  for the Net.  I'm just posting
it for-your-interest.

Alan Silverstein, Hewlett-Packard Fort Collins Systems Division, Colorado
ucbvax!hplabs!hpfcld!ajs, 303-226-3800 x3053, N 40 31'31" W 105 00'43"

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