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Date: Sun Jan 23 08:14:12 1983
Subject: UNICOM Agenda
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                                    Winter UNICOM 1983


          W1      Welcoming Remarks and Keynote Address
                  Wednesday 8:45-10am, joint session

                    "Software Army on the March-Project Strategies and Tactics"
                    John Mashey, Bell Labs

          W2      News from ...
                  Armando Stettner, chair
                  Wednesday 10:30-12noon, joint session

                    Lou Katz, Usenix
                    Bob Marsh, /usr/group
                    Larry K Isley, AT&T
                    Heinz Lycklama, /usr/group Standards Committee
                    Bill Joy, SUN Microsystems
                    Robert Fabry, UC Berkeley
                    Armando Stettner, DEC

          W3A     Performance Enhancement and Measurement
                  Terrence Miller, chair
                  Wednesday 1:30-3pm, Town and Country room

                    "UNIX System III and 4.1BSD; A Practical Comparison"
                    John Chambers, John Quarterman, University of Texas

                    "Contiguous Load Modules for UNIX"
                    Steve Zucker, INTERACTIVE Systems Corporation

                    "Improved Schedulers for Non-Paged UNIX Systems"
                    Darwyn Peachey, Hospital Systems Study Group

                    "An implementation of the vfork system call for PDP-11 UNIX"
                    Michael Karels, UC Berkeley

                    "Handling Very Large Programs on a 16 Bit Super-micro"
                    Mitch Bishop, Zilog, Inc.

          W3B     UNIX System V
                  Larry K Isley, chair
                  Wednesday 1:30-3pm, San Diego-Golden West room

                    "System V Offering"
                    W R Guffey, AT&T

                    "System V Support Offering"
                    Dave Sandel, Western Electric


          Winter UNICOM 1983                                         Session W3B

                    "Licensing Activity and Pricing"
                    Larry K Isley, AT&T

          W4A     Networks
                  Greg Noel, chair
                  Wednesday 3:30-5pm, Town and Country room

                    "The Plexus Networked UNIX"
                    Monte Pickard, Plexus Computers, Inc.

                    "CSNET Status Report"
                    Brendan Reilley, U Delaware

                    "Network Access in 4.2BSD"
                    Sam Leffler, UC Berkeley

                    "SENDMAIL -- An Internetwork Mail Router"
                    Eric Allman, Britton-Lee, Inc.

          W4B     Development Tools
                  Bill Tuthill, chair
                  Wednesday 3:30-5pm, San Diego-Golden West room

                    "Bibliographic Database System"
                    Jim Moyer, UC San Francisco

                    "Development of Refer: Bug Fixes and Enhancements"
                    Bill Tuthill, UC Berkeley

                    "RAPID: a Tool for Building Interactive Information Systems"
                    Anthony I. Wasserman, David T. Shewmake, UC San Francisco

                    "COBOL Compiler Construction Experiences Using Lex and Yacc"
                    Robert E. Conant, Herbert G. Mayer, Burroughs Corp.

          T1A     Bell Labs Reports
                  Berkley Tague, chair
                  Thursday 8:30-12noon, Town and Country room

                    "The UNIX System: New Directions"
                    Berkley A. Tague, Bell Labs

                    "UNIX File System Evolution"
                    Larry A. Wehr, Bell Labs

                    "The Evolution of UNIX System Performance"
                    Jerome Feder, Bell Labs

                    "C Programming Environment"
                    D. J. Kretsch, Bell Labs


          Winter UNICOM 1983                                         Session T1A

                    "UNIX System Definitions and Standards"
                    Don Cragun, Bell Labs

                    Questions and Answers Panel

          T1B     UNIX in the Office Environment
                  Keith Muller, chair
                  Thursday 8:30-10am, San Diego-Golden West room

                    "A Uniform and Simple User Interface to UNIX"
                    Spencer Rugaber, INTERACTIVE Systems Corporation

                    "UNIX Time-sharing Menu-driven Office System  for  Terminals
                    James A. Neyer, Perkin-Elmer

                    "A Friendly Text Processing Environment"
                    Arthur Zemon, TRW

                    "Writing User Documentation for UNIX Systems"
                    Jean Yates and Rebecca Thomas, Yates Ventures

          T2B     New UNIX implementations I
                  David Patterson, chair
                  Thursday 10:30-12noon, San Diego-Golden West room

                    "Hewlett-Packard's Entry into the UNIX Community"
                    Frederick W. Clegg, Hewlett-Packard

                    "4.2bsd on the Sun Workstation"
                    Tom Lyon and Bill Shannon, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

                    "Experiences in Porting 4.1BSD UNIX to the 750 VLSI Develop-
                    ment System."
                    Paul Chen, Metheus Corporation

                    "Unix on Apollo Computers (Yet Another Unix Emulation)"
                    Eric R. Shienbrood, Apollo Computer, Inc.

          T3A     Programming Languages and Evironments
                  Bill Appelbe, chair
                  Thursday 1:30-3pm, Town and Country room

                    "Work in  Progress:  UNIX  System  Ada  Programming  Support
                    J. Eli Lamb, Bell Labs

                    "Unix Logo"
                    Brian Harvey, Atari, Inc.

                    "LINUS (Leading Into Noticeable UNIX Security)"
                    Steve Kramer, MITRE Corp.


          Winter UNICOM 1983                                        Sessions T3A

                    "A Global Optimizing C Compiler"
                    George Powers, Zilog, Inc.

          T3B     Novel Applications of UNIX
                  Jim McGinness, chair
                  Thursday 1:30-3pm, San Diego-Golden West room

                    "UNIX Research at Lucasfilms"
                    Jim Lawson, Lucasfilms

                    "ARIEL: An Experimental UNIX-based Interactive Video  Infor-
                    mation System"
                    R. C. Haight, D. B. Knudsen, Bell Labs

                    "Development of  a  Digital  Simulation  System  in  a  UNIX
                    William E. Raves, James Cassidy, Computer Automation

                    "Meeting the Coming UNIX Training Challenge"
                    Jay R. Hosler, User Training Corp.

          T4A     Technical Reports
                  Andy Tannenbaum, chair
                  Thursday 3:30-5pm, Town and Country room

                    "UNIX for the STD bus"
                    Luigi Cerofolini, University of Bologna

                    "Ctrace - A Portable Debugger for C Programs"
                    J. L. Steffen, Bell Labs

                    "A PDP11 UNIX System with 4.1 BSD VAX11-style Filesystems"
                    D. Seeley, UC San Diego

                    "The IS/1 Workbench for VAX/VMS"
                    William Torcaso, INTERACTIVE Systems Corporation

          T4B     Database Systems
                  Roger Sippl, chair
                  Thursday 3:30-5pm, San Diego-Golden West room

                    "Microprocessors for Biomedical Research Database Management
                    and Analysis"
                    F.W. Stitt, Clinical Data Research Services, Inc.

                    "The DB Relational Database Management System"
                    J. Robert Ward, International Institute For Applied  Systems

                    "The Informix Commercial DBMS for UNIX"
                    Laura L. King, Relational Database Systems, Inc.


          Winter UNICOM 1983                                         Session T4B

                    "The Intel Data Base Processor (iDBP) and IS/3"
                    John R. Levine, INTERACTIVE Systems Corporation

                    "/rdb: A Relational Data Base Management System for UNIX"
                    Rod Manis, Computer Consulting

                    "FOCUS: A Screen Interface to TROLL Data Bases"
                    Tony Wasserman, University of California

          F1A     Graphics
                  Phil Cohen, chair
                  Friday 8:30-10am, Town and Country Room

                    "Device Independent Graphics Enhancements"
                    Greg Hidley, ITT DCD

                    "Terminal-Independent  Plotting  Packages:  An  Example  and
                    Suggestions for Standards"
                    Don Mackay, UC San Diego

                    "Graphics Standards for Personal Workstations"
                    Michael Shantz, SUN Microsystems, Inc.

                    "Windows with 4.2bsd"
                    Steven R. Evans, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

                    "Animation at UCSD"
                    Jeff Loomis, UC San Diego

          F1B     New UNIX Implementations II
                  Joel Carter, chair
                  Friday 8:30-10am, San Diego-Golden West room

                    "REGULUS, a Real-Time UNIX Lookalike"
                    Bill Allen, Alcyon

                    "UNIX for the NS16032"
                    Paul Neelands, Human Computing Resources Corporation

                    "The Port of UNIX to the Gould 32/27"
                    Jack Blevins, Gould, Inc.

                    "UNIX Enhancements for Real-time Applications"
                    Kent Blackett, MASSCOMP

                    Ellen Williams, The Wollongong Group


          Winter UNICOM 1983                                         Session F2A

          F2A     New UNIX Implementations III
                  Mike O'Brien, chair
                  Friday 10:30-12noon, Town and Country room

                    "Porting UNIX"
                    P. Verbaeten, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

                    "UNIX on the National Semiconductor NS16032"
                    Glenn C. Skinner, Bill Jolitz, National Semiconductor

                    "UNIX for the Computer Automation 4/95"
                    Steve Pozgaj, Human Computing Resources Corporation

                    "Architectural Implications of UNIX"
                    Bill Appelbe, Greg Noel, NCR

          F2B     Marketing and Venture Capital
                  Marlene Martin, chair
                  Friday 10:30-12noon, San Diego-Golden West room

                    "Getting Venture Capital"
                    Henry Wilder, Dougery, Jones, and Wilder Venture Capital

                    "UNIX Markets and Competition"
                    Bob Katsive, Gnostic Concepts

                    "Delivering UNIX to the End-User Market"
                    Michael Denny, BASIS, Inc.

                    "Distribution and Differentiation"
                    Marlene Martin, The Marketing Network

                    "New UNIX Markets in Engineering"
                    Camran Elahian, Computer-Aided Engineering

          F3A     Portability
                  Mike O'Dell, chair
                  Friday 1:30-3pm, Town and Country room

                    "Portability in the Unix World"
                    Mike O'Dell, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

                    "A Tutorial on C Portability"
                    Michael Tilson, Human Computing Resources Corporation

                    "IS/3: A Compatible Extension of UNIX System III"
                    Steven Zucker, INTERACTIVE Systems Corporation


          Winter UNICOM 1983                                         Session F3B

          F3B     Languages and Programming Environments
                  Joseph Yao, chair
                  Friday 1:30-3pm, San Diego-Golden West room

                    "The VMS C Compiler"
                    Jean Wood, DEC

                    "UNIX APL"
                    Joseph Yao, SAI

                    "Q'Nial:  a new interactive programming system for the  UNIX
                    M. A. Jenkins, Queen's University

                    "SOLID - System for On-Line Information Development"
                    John R. Mashey, Bell Labs

          F4      Standardization
                  Heinz Lycklama, chair
                  Friday 3:30-5pm, Town and Country room

                    "The /usr/group Standards Committee"
                    Heinz Lycklama, INTERACTIVE Systems

                    "The History and Purpose of Standards"
                    Eric Petersen

                    "Standards Organization: Levels and Measurement"
                    Jim Isaak, Charles River Data Systems

                    "Criteria for Standards"
                    Robert Swartz, Mark Williams Co.

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